Sexual Reject

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I can’t even begin to imagine what it must be like for you. To live a sexless life, focused on playing with yourself. The life of a sexual reject. As an attractive female, I will never have that problem. But I know exactly what yours is and why you repel, rather than attract women. Spoiler alert: Things are never going to change for you.

Humiliated by the Office Bitch

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you’re the new guy that has been staring at Me every day since you started a few weeks ago. And today, after every one else left the office, you decided to muster up your courage and ask Me out. After flatly rejecting you, I tell you exactly why. your face turns red and you wonder how I could possibly know that about you. I just have a special sense about guys who have tiny cocks and I’ve NEVER been wrong. But let’s just say this one time I am. There’s only one way to find out…..take off your pants. Come on, get your cock out. Show Me I’m wrong (I never am). you have no idea what you’re in store for…….

Pantyboy Humiliation

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39-Pantyboy-HumiliationYeah, I know all about your little fetish. How you secretly love to wear and jerk off into women’s panties. How you are always surfing the net and looking for more panty porn to get off to. So what type of panties do you like pantyboy? Nylon full cut granny panties, ruffled panties, bikini panties or thongs? It doesn’t matter, you look ridiculous in panties anyway. Panties were made for PUSSIES, not for a cock and balls. And we both know that panties have replaced your sex life. Panties ARE your pussy now as it’s the only thing that gets your little dick hard. Buying panties, wearing panties, looking at panty porn and of course, jerking off into panties. Women don’t want a panty wearing sissy boy. We like STRONG and MASCULINE men, not a man who wears women’s underwear! So you might as well get use to fucking panties, because that’s all a panty boy like you can get!

Eat My pre-chewed Cookie

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36-Eat-My-pre-chewed-CookieWhen you came to Me and said you wanted to serve Me, you told Me that you would do anything. A-N-Y-T-H-I-N-G. Well, I never forgot that and I like to push you, so I have a little test for you today. Today, I am going to chew up a cookie, spit it out and you are going to eat it. Do you know how lucky you are to have something that’s been inside of My body? Something that’s been inside of My mouth, that’s touched My lips and had My tongue all over it. And after you eat it, you are going to THANK Me for allowing you such a privilege. 1280×720

You’re Still a Virgin

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30-Youre-Still-A-VirginI come across so sweet and nice that it catches you off guard when I ask you point blank “Are you still a virgin?” I always sensed something was off with you because you seem so awkward around women. Like you’ve never been with one before. That’s got to be embarrassing, especially at your age! Women can definitely tell if a guy seems to give off “virgin vibes” and honestly, no woman wants an inexperienced guy. But being a virgin isn’t your only problem. To be honest, you’re just not attractive. You just turn women OFF. Even if you did get a chance to have sex, you’d get so excited that you’d blow your wad before you even got to the main event! So, tell me, how far HAVE you gotten with a woman? Have you kissed before? That’s it? Wow. I just don’t get how someone could get to your age and have never had sex before. What is it? Were there just not the opportunities? Did you get tired of all the rejections? But don’t you ever wonder what it would feel like? Well, you’re just going to have to keep wondering, because you are destined to be a virgin FOREVER! 1280×720

Tit Tease – Pay to Stroke

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26-Tit-Tease-Pay-to-StrokeJerk off losers like you have to PAY to stroke. It’s not like you have any other options. I know how much you enjoy looking at my amazing tits and I love making you PAY for the honor. And the funny thing is, it’s only TEASE. But, you’ll buy the clip anyway! 1280×720

Cum on your OWN Face

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79-Cum-on-your-own-faceHey freaks! I know the only way you can get hard is if you are doing something humiliating or degrading. So I have a task for you….today, you are going to blow your load all over your OWN FACE. That’s right. In this clip I tell you why you do these things, how you are going to do it, what you are going to say and what happens afterwards. 1280×720

Panty Pervert Blackmail

I know what you did to MY panties and now you are going to pay for it…..

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20-Panty-Pervert-BlackmailYou’re My neighbor and I had you watch My house for Me while I was on vacation. After I got back, I called you over to thank you but also ask you about something I found. I was getting ready to do some laundry and something in the clothing hamper caught My eye. There was a pair of My panties with a load of cum in them! Did you do this?! At first you deny it, so I casually tell you that I guess I need to call the police, because someone obviously broke into My house and did this. Not only that, but someone also went through My panty drawer and stole a few pairs of My panties. Of course, since you had a KEY to My house, it might be a little awkward for you when they question you. You decide to confess. But I knew you did it anyway. And of course I am going to make you pay. First financially and then otherwise. You start to protest a bit, but then I remind you of the fact that I’m good friends with your boss. Gee, I wonder what she’d do if she knew she was employing a pervert and a thief. Just when you think it’s over, I make it clear to you that this is just the beginning…. HD 1280×720

Part 2:    Panty Pervert Blackmail 2

Part 3:    My Panty Slave

Part 4:    My Panty Slave 2

Tit Tease and Verbal Humiliation

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69-Tit-Tease-and-Verbal-HumiliationYou just can’t get enough My little boob zombie. I make My tit tease clips and you just keep buying them up. But let’s face it, we both know these are the only breasts a guy like you gets to see. Paying to jerk off once again…..