Pussy isn’t for you

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For a pervert like you, views like this are the closest you are going to get to a pussy. That’s why you love looking up skirts so much and getting those forbidden views. you’ve fetishized this part of a woman’s body because it’s so off-limits to you. For a sexless, pussy-denied, upskirt perv, this is all you get!

Panty perv ass ignore

New:   Panty perv ass ignore

Whether I say anything at all, or not, the result is always the same….you staring and stroking. So today I’m just going to ignore you and you can stroke and stare at My shimmery pink nylon full cut panties.

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Panty Time

New:  Panty Time

The time of day that you look forward to every day is your private panty time. Coming home, slipping into a pair of panties, watching your favorite panty videos (MINE…obviously!  lol) and having a really nice release. Not only do I understand your need for this sensual activity, I encourage it. your need, to blow your load into PANTIES.

The Panty Test

New:   The Panty Test

Well, this is My bedroom. you are so lucky to be here, very few men have made it up here. I’m pretty picky. But I like you and I think we could have fun tonight, but there is just one little thing I need you to do for Me first. It’s not a big deal and it won’t take long, but you must do it before things go any further. It’s something I call the Panty Test…….

Silky Panty Tease

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235-Silky-Panty-TeaseI bet you think the skimpier the panties, the better. Right? Well, I disagree with that. I believe there is a lot to be said for classic lingerie styles and I’m going to change your mind with this pair of vintage nylon panties I’m wearing. So silky and enticing. you don’t see women wearing stuff like this anymore, usually it’s thongs. But by the end of this video, you will see the erotic allure of such items. As much as you love to see Me wearing such pretty things, there’s something you like to do even better. I know you so well, pantyboy!

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Panty Pervert Blackmail

I know what you did to MY panties and now you are going to pay for it…..

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20-Panty-Pervert-BlackmailYou’re My neighbor and I had you watch My house for Me while I was on vacation. After I got back, I called you over to thank you but also ask you about something I found. I was getting ready to do some laundry and something in the clothing hamper caught My eye. There was a pair of My panties with a load of cum in them! Did you do this?! At first you deny it, so I casually tell you that I guess I need to call the police, because someone obviously broke into My house and did this. Not only that, but someone also went through My panty drawer and stole a few pairs of My panties. Of course, since you had a KEY to My house, it might be a little awkward for you when they question you. You decide to confess. But I knew you did it anyway. And of course I am going to make you pay. First financially and then otherwise. You start to protest a bit, but then I remind you of the fact that I’m good friends with your boss. Gee, I wonder what she’d do if she knew she was employing a pervert and a thief. Just when you think it’s over, I make it clear to you that this is just the beginning…. HD 1280×720

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Cum on My Panties and Lick them Clean

Cum on My Panties and Lick them Clean  …..  sounds like a dream come true, doesn’t it?

117-Cum-on-My-Panties-and-Lick-them-CleanI know how much you want a pair of MY worn panties, being the total panty pervert that you are. And, well, today is your lucky day. I am *finally* going to give you a pair of My worn panties. But, there is just one little caveat……you have to CUM on My panties, AND (of course there is an AND!)….you have to LICK them clean. That’s right. If you really want a pair of My precious worn panties, that’s what you are going to have to do. Lick your own disgusting man jizz off of MY panties, that is the ONLY way I’ll give you a pair. Yeah, I knew you’d do it. Well, you better start stroking then and get yourself close to cumming and watch Me and listen to what I have to say. As you get closer, I take off My panties and hold them up for you to smell. Then I instruct you to cum in the crotch and I give you a cum countdown. After you’ve blown your icky load all over My pretty panties, I hold them up to your mouth and order you to get your tongue out and LICK THEM CLEAN. Then I laugh and shake My head in disgust about what a total panty obsessed FREAK you are! PANTIES–LINGERIE–GARTERS and STOCKINGS–HUMILIATION–LACY FULL SLIP–HIGH HEELS–PANTY FETISH

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