Stroke for Nothing

New:  Stroke for Nothing

(If you are following My Aug 2017 Masturbation Schedule….this is perfect for Aug 8th or 9th.) Sometimes I tell you to stroke and I surprise you with a release on a day I previously told you that you weren’t cumming. But not today. I’m totally clear on the fact that you are NOT CUMMING today. you’ll stroke purely to build up that ever mounting frustration and make those balls ache even more…….

Ruffles and Lace

Clips store updated today:    Ruffles and Lace

302-Ruffles-and-LaceOne of My classic legs, garters and lingerie tease clips from 2005! I just started shooting video clips back then and had so much to learn, but posing for the camera I had down since day one!  😉  As you can see from the preview image, this clip features legs, stockings, garters, high heels, panty peeks, lacy half slip, nylon feet, silky panties, skirt lifting, and at the very end of the clip I remove the dress and I’m in My bra and slip. This video was shot in Standard definition (640×480). If you love stockings and garters, and you enjoy some of My earlier videos, check out these other clips of Mine from 2005:

12 Garters  –Black stockings, shot outdoors on one of My trips to England.

Sexy Stroll  –One of My all time favorite clips because of the memories (and reactions!). Shot outdoors, out in public, on one of My trips to England.

Under My Skirt –Another outdoor clip, shot right here in the USA though.  😉  If you love legs and upskirt peeks, you are going to love this clip!

Speaking of upskirts, if that is your thing, here are two newer clips of interest:

The Pervert Trap –That clip sold really well.

The View from Below –As did this one. I was trying something new with that clip, as I shot it with my iPhone instead of My digital camera. I was able to capture a really low angle, which is perfect for the upskirt fetish!

Panty Fixation

NEW clip today: Panty Fixation

229-Panty-FixationWhat is it about panties that just drives some men wild? Getting a little peek, a glimpse of something you shouldn’t be looking at. Something as harmless as lifting up My slip and flaunting My panty ass gets you so hard. Of course I use your weakness against by showing off My panties from different angles. The lengths that you have gone to to look up a woman’s dress or skirt, just to get a thrilling look at a panty-clad pussy. you love panties….seeing them, touching them, wearing them, but most of all, jerking off into them. Yeah, I know all about your little panty perversions…

This clip made it to #1 in the Panty Fetish category:


Stocking Worship Fantasy

NEW clip posted today:  Stocking Worship Fantasy

228-Stocking-Worship-FantasyThe ultimate honor is to be allowed to worship My stocking clad legs in person. And it’s something that only the most loyal stocking slave could ever hope for. In this video, I tell you in detail how such a session would go. Talking to you as if you were right there, at My feet. Walking you through the ritual of rubbing lotion on My legs, dressing My legs in Fully Fashioned stockings, clasping My garters and much more. Can you even imagine such a scenario? Being in MY presence, being able to touch MY flesh and My nylon covered legs. It’s something you’ve dreamed about for such a long time and now it’s finally happening. I love the effect I have on you and seeing the bulge in your pants, I can tell how much you’d love a release. I order you to take your cock out and stroke while I dangle My high heel, cross and uncross My legs, and caress My stockings. I can tell you are having a hard time holding back the urge to cum, and I will you allow you a release, but only how I tell you to. This is an experience you will never forget…..