Servitude #318-Chastity

New:  Servitude #318-Chastity

I have the *perfect* place for your cock. No, not inside the palm of your hand. *eye roll* The perfect place for your cock is inside of a male chastity device. All of My slaves are locked in chastity on a regular basis. Part of your submission to Me is relinquishing control of your cock and chastity is the perfect tool to help.

Servitude #245

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MY slaves: make sure your cock is locked in chastity before you press play. I want your cock OFF LIMITS. I’m sitting on a white fur rug and dressed in a pink satin and chiffon nightie, long pink satin gloves and pink satin panties. I flash the sweetest smile while I tease and torment you, which only makes your cock fight that cage even more….  😉  (Priced higher because this clip ended up being a tad more revealing than intended).

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Day 8 of Chastity

New clip:   Day 8 of Chastity

How many times have you looked down at your cock and realized it really isn’t yours anymore? And every time you are filled with a mixture of excitement and dread. I know if you weren’t locked in chastity that you’d be stroking away like mad because it was those exact thoughts that you used to jerk off to before you were locked up. you wanted to experience that total loss of control, even though it scared the hell out of you….it also made you rock hard. And here you are, living that reality now. Since you know how much I enjoy it when you suffer for Me, I’ve decided to give you a little something to take your frustration to the next level…….

Day 7 of Chastity

New clip:   Day 7 of Chastity

I have to be honest with you…..I’m really enjoying having you locked up. It’s intoxicating knowing I have your most prized possession under My control. It’s such a rush having you so vulnerable and agreeable to Me. With this little key hanging around My neck, I can get you to do ANYTHING. So……why would I ever want to let you out? Tell Me, do you miss cumming? And what about arousal? Have you been avoiding it? How much room do you have in that cage to get hard? Let’s find out…..I want to get you as hard as possible…..uncomfortably hard. I want to see the discomfort in your face. What’s the point of having this power over you if I don’t use it? And it’s not like you have a choice……

Day 6 of Chastity

Next in the series….   Day 6 of Chastity

I’ve been thinking about what happens after the 30 days are up and I unlock the lock and let you out of you chastity. Oh I know you’ll want to cum, after a long month of frustration, that’s a given. And I agree, you should have that fluid drained out of you……by MY hand. Listen while I explain exactly what I have in mind…..

Day 4 of Chastity

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Hello My cock-locked pet. Just look at you…..caged and at My mercy. I love it. In fact, I might not ever let you out. Aww, I shouldn’t tease like that, or am I? With you in chastity, I have you right where I want you. And I’m going to take full advantage of that. It’s not like you have a choice. Chastity training is to make you into a more giving and disciplined slave for Me. And as your Mistress and your keyholder, you will obey My desires and strive to keep Me happy. Displease Me and I will make sure you won’t get released from your cock cage for a VERY long time…..