MJA17: New High Heels

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I had just finished doing a photoset and video in this outfit and decided to make this clip showing off a couple of gifts of new high heels. I slip off My shoes and put on the first pair of leopard print D’Orsay heels with peep toes. The camera zooms in for a closer view–they look great with My seamed stockings. Then I remove them and put on a pair of black leather pumps with ankle straps. There’s a quick panty peek while changing heels and a flash of My garter straps and stocking tops.

Panty Obsession

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A new year but the same old obsession for you, because nothing excites you more than panties. you’ve maybe tried to quit, but you always come back to this fetish. Especially when My panty teases are always just so irresistible…  (Preview is censored, the clip is not)

Servitude #355-Cocktease Challenge level 10

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The finale. After so much endless stroking, you have finally made to the end of this “little” challenge. If you can just get through these last 8 minutes, I will utter that one word you have been waiting for Me to say….. (I decided to combine level 10 and the “reward” clip into this one clip). But were you actually able to make it all the way through?

Servitude #354-Cocktease Challenge level 9

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Such a HOT clip! Level 9 and you are almost finished with My little challenge, but what happens next? This challenge is just the beginning of what could be the most exciting experience of your life….

Not only did this clip make it to #1 in the Pantyhose/stockings category, it’s also currently on the main page at Clips4Sale at #39 in the Overall Top 50 clips on the entire site! 🤑

Black Heel Vintage Stockings

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At the beginning of the video, I show you the packaging these vintage stockings came in. I’m guessing they are from the 1950’s, perhaps very early 1960’s. Black heel stockings are quite rare, you’re lucky to see Me wear such unique vintage stockings. I know you really enjoy seeing My nylon soles, so of course I must make you wait with a little show dangling first. I love how tightly vintage nylons encase My legs, modern reproductions just don’t fit the same. Nylon feet, vintage stockings, long leg panty girdle, toe pointing, toe spreading, toe flexing, one shoe one, high heel dangling, shoe removal, fully fashioned stockings, back seams, and shapely calves and legs.

Stimulating Stocking Legs

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Nothing arouses you the way a pair of shapely legs in garters, stockings and high heels does. you don’t know why you’re wired this way, you just are. It’s rare to find a Woman wearing these things and you have to get your fix somehow….and here you are. Again.

Nylon Trap

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I know that when you see My strong and shapely legs in beautiful seamed stockings, your cock immediately gets hard. you are powerless to the effect these nylon legs have on you and naturally, I use that to My advantage. Always.