you can’t resist

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I know I say ‘you can’t resist’ but come on…you don’t want to! 😉  you love to give in to your panty lust urges. Silky shiny satin panties shown off in a way only I can show them off and tease you about your fetish. you looovvveee it! And I know how much you look forward to every new panty clip I create. So enjoy another, because you really can’t resist.  😉

Peach Panty Peeks

New:  Peach Panty Peeks

Such erotic and tantalizing views. It’s never *just* panties with Me. There is almost always garters and stockings, heels and of course pretty lingerie. The extra layers make it extra sensual. Another panty clip to add to your ever growing collection of Mistress Jessica clips…..

Petticoat Upskirt

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Hey pervert! It’s your lucky day because I decided to do an upskirt video. I know you can’t get enough of views like this. Today, as you can see, I’ve got on a petticoat, FF nylons and silky pink nylon panties. As usual, I do a few different poses/angles and at times you are so close, you’ll feel like you are right under My petticoat. you’re welcome!

Hot Pink Nylon Panties

New:  Hot Pink Nylon Panties

I love the color of these panties but I hate the fit, way too tight! I wanted to make use of them before I got rid of them–so here’s a clip! I just so happened to have a mini full slip that matched the color of the panties perfectly. Of course I had to add some feminine touches with My garters, lace-top stockings and lace robe. So many great camera angles in this clip–gotta love those low angles!

Weakened by Panty Lust

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So, here you are again. Giving in to your favorite indulgence….your panty fetish. I almost feel like an evil panty temptress, urging you on. Wearing your favorite style panties, doing all of the poses that weaken you completely. It’s an endless cycle and one I don’t see you ever stopping. And why would you? It’s so harmless….  😉

Stare at My Panties

New:   Stare at My Panties

I start out this video asking you a question….”If I were to give you a pair of My worn panties, what would you do with them?” I give you two options. Then I show off My silky nylon string bikini panties from an array of angles. Even if I don’t give you My panties, these intimate views will always be so incredibly arousing to you.

Open Leg Tease

New:  Open Leg Tease

Every time I part My knees, open My thighs and reveal My silky, nylon panty crotch….your cock just throbs. you wish you could touch them, but you know that is just pure fantasy. Such a beautiful display of My silky lingerie and lace-top stocking legs. Panty tease that you can only dream of, but you don’t have to because I make it a reality!