Peach Full Cut Panties

New/old clip:   Peach Full Cut Panties

This clip was shot back in 2011 for My old lingerie paysite, but since all of MY panty clips are classics, I thought I’d bring it out from the archives. I’m wearing a pair of peach full cut nylon ‘granny panties’ in this clip which you see from several different angles.

My little Panty Addict

New:   My little Panty Addict

Like I really need to write a description for MY panty clips, you’d buy it even if I didn’t write a single word. Because you KNOW how hot MY panty clips are and how HARD you cum when you watch Me. (This also happens to be My very first clip with My new braces!)

That didn’t take long…..

Mint Panty Close-ups

New:  Mint Panty Close-ups

I really love shooting panty tease clips, and it shows. Lots of panty play in this clip and some intimate angles and close-ups, which is why I priced it a little higher. Fans of MY panty clips will LOVE this teasing and erotic panty clip!

Panty Modeling 2

New:  Panty Modeling 2

I’ll admit it….I’m a total panty hoarder. I love buying new sexy panties, but I have a hard time letting go of old ones. I found 3 pairs to get rid of but I want to show them off one last time. As usual, I talk about panties and tease you about your panty fetish.

Lilac Nylon Panties

Now in My clip store:  Lilac Nylon Panties

This is another clip from My old lingerie paysite, shot back in 2012. Some of My old panty clips are just so good that they need to see the light of day again. If you love the big full cut style panties, up skirt panty peeks (or in this case up-SLIP peeks), lots of panty crotch views, lacy slips, stockings and heels–then you are going to love this clip.

(This was Bonus Video #52)

Blue Nylon Full Cut Panties

New/old panty clip:  Blue Nylon Full Cut Panties

This clip is from 2012 and was shot for My old lingerie paysite. I’m wearing a pair of light blue nylon full cut panties and I show them off from different angles. Towards the end of the clip I remove the silky half slip and the panties as well.

(This was Bonus Video #56)

hahahaha!  you boys just LOVE My panty clips!

However…..I will never understand the appeal of granny panties. They are so sexless to Me. Too much coverage. But then again, I can make anything look sexy, so there is that….  lol

Shimmery Pink Lingerie

New (old) clip:   Shimmery Pink Lingerie

So many great panty views in this clip!! Everything I’m wearing is so enticing….from My shiny pink satin bustier, to My peek-a-boo nylon and lace half slip to My silky full cut panties. All those upslip peeks and long teasing shots of My panty crotch with make you….. (This clip was shot back in 2012 for My old lingerie paysite)

(This was Bonus Video #43).

Obey your Panty Mistress

New clip:   Obey your Panty Mistress

you’re such a sucker for My panty clips. No one flips your switch the way I do panty boy. My special combination of verbal and visual tease always sends you over the edge. I have some masturbation instructions for you today, and as usual, you must do everything I say. Can you control yourself? Or will some of the things I say to you push you too close to the edge?

Another #1 panty clip:

Slip Strip 3

Now in My store:  Slip Strip 3

I should have titled this clip 4 slips and upskirt panty peeks as that would have been more accurate. I start out wearing 4 vintage full slips at once and by the end of the clip, I strip off every one of them and then My bra (NO nudity in this clip). Throughout the clip I give you many teasing glances up My slips at My shiny nylon panties and at one point you are very close to My nylon pantied pussy! (This clip was shot back in 2011 for My old lingerie paysite.)

I feel like EVERY time I repost one of My old clips, I should reference this blog post. I do cringe when I look at some of My old clips but then I know some of you like them (not that that is ever a deciding factor!  lol). The quality of My clips has improved vastly since 2011 and will continue to.