Panty Evolution

New:   Panty Evolution

Blah, blah, blah, blah, you’ll buy it anyways. Come on now. you know what to expect from MY panty clips by now and you fucking LOVE them! Do you even read the description anyway? Well on the off chance you do, the title should give you a hint. Let’s (and I mean ME) talk about how you got this way (and how you’ll *never* change)…..

Two Slips and Satin Panties

New:   Two Slips and Satin Panties

Please ME and use this link:

Look at the animated preview image for this clip. Is there really anything else I need to say? you see the way My body moves in all of that sensual satin and nylon lingerie, your cock gets HARD and your finger clicks the BUY button. you download, you watch, you stroke, you CUM and you’ll do it all over again (panty) clip after clip. you’re addicted panty boy!  😉

Silk Satin panties….

Since I’ve mentioned these panties a few times in some of My clips, I thought I’d just post the link for those of you that maybe were interested in these:

LINK:   Silk Satin Panties on Amazon

I usually find these panties a little too baggy for My tastes. They feel really nice and are super shiny, but I just like My panties to fit tighter in the crotch and rear.

Silky Vanity Fair Panties

New:   Silky Vanity Fair Panties

I know those of you who like granny panties will enjoy this clip. I will say that these Vanity Fair panties do feel very nice and silky, even though I hate the full coverage. But I give Myself a panty wedgie, thus improving them measurably. Panties, garters, heels, stockings, lingerie, chiffon, nylon, lace and of course ME. What’s not to enjoy?!  😉