Panty perv ass ignore

New:   Panty perv ass ignore

Whether I say anything at all, or not, the result is always the same….you staring and stroking. So today I’m just going to ignore you and you can stroke and stare at My shimmery pink nylon full cut panties.

The other highlighted clips are also Mine and were all #1 as well:  Panty ObsessionFrontal Panty WorshipServitude #342-Pale Pink Panty ViewsThe Panty Stash and Garter Straps and Bikini Panties.

Panty Obsession

New:   Panty Obsession

A new year but the same old obsession for you, because nothing excites you more than panties. you’ve maybe tried to quit, but you always come back to this fetish. Especially when My panty teases are always just so irresistible…  (Preview is censored, the clip is not)

Frontal Panty Worship

New:  Frontal Panty Worship

Hey panty perverts. I know how much you love looking up My dress, getting a glimpse of panty crotch. And just look at these shiny pink nylon granny panties, not to mention My stocking tops, garter straps and beautiful lace slip. This is why you come back again and again…pure panty perfection!

Servitude #342-Pale Pink Panty Views

New:  Servitude #342-Pale Pink Panty Views

Worship what is forever off limits to you, My perfect ass and pussy. They are covered in a pair of pale pink string bikini panties, trimmed with lace and a tiny satin bow. Framing My panties is a white satin, lace trimmed garter belt with satin bows and garter straps holding up My Full Fashioned stockings. My body is like a beautifully wrapped gift that excites you every time you see it…..

In addition to being #1 clip in the Panty Fetish category, this clip also made it to the main page at #39 on the overall Top 50 clips on Clips4Sale:

Servitude #334-Profitable Panties

New:  Servitude #334-Profitable Panties

Every panty clip of Mine is like a dream come true for a panty addict like yourself. And there are so many like you. When I open My legs, you see panties and I see dollar signs. Because every pair of panties and every panty clip is just easy money. I know I hold all the power. I know all the views that trigger you, all the right words to say and it’s just SO easy.

Servitude #325-Panty Gusset Tease

New:   Servitude #325-Panty Gusset Tease

Once again, I weave My magic and the views in this clip will have you completely entranced. The layers of lingerie, hosiery and panties and all things you can not resist. It’s almost as if I’m inside your mind and I know your trigger visuals that just make you lose all control. Blissful, orgasm-inducing pleasure. you’re welcome! 😉