Nylon Panty Close-ups 2

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Pure panty heaven–part 2! In this clip I wear 4 different pairs of nylon panties and all with stockings and silky lingerie. There are front views, ass views, open leg panty crotch views and some ultra close-up views (not shown in the preview). Such hot teasing panty views from so many different angles and so many silky nylon panties!

Nylon Panty Close-ups 1

Only available in My Loyalfans store

If you love up close views of silky, shiny, silky NYLON PANTIES, you are going to love this clip. So many erotic panty views and I’ve only included a few of them in the preview. There are only a few short scenes with My full body in the frame, the rest are enticing, close-up views of My pretty panties. I wear 3 different pairs in this clips, two are worn with stockings and garters and the other pair worn over pantyhose.

Pussy Pervert

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The reason you are so obsessed with pussy is because it’s totally off-limits to you. Pussy worship for you will always be a panty covered pussy. Which works out well for you since you are fixated on panties anyways. The second best thing to pussy because of the close proximity to that forbidden (to you) area of a Woman’s body. Open legs, upskirts and a panty crotch are all things you can’t resist because it’s the closest you’ll ever get.

Forbidden Views

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Upskirt panty tease heaven. Go on and perv because these forbidden views of a panty crotch–MY panty crotch–are the closest thing to pussy that you’ll ever get. See, if you were actually getting laid, you wouldn’t have this fascination with these types of views. But you know nudity isn’t for you, and that’s why these forbidden glimpses are so hot to you. Enjoy pervert!  (I also included some never before seen/used footage from 2022 for an upskirt clip that I never posted).

Silky Panty Collection

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I have SO many panties, but today, I am going to focus on the silky nylon panties I own. (Well mostly…a few other pairs were mixed in.) I’m wearing a floral pair of Vanity Fair panties that are a little snug and will be getting a new home soon.  But not before I show them off, of course. I show you some of the panties in My collection and talk about what I’m going to do with them.

Yellow Nylon Panties

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These yellow nylon panties inspired Me to go through My lingerie and find as much matchy-matchy yellow nylon as I could. So in addition to the yellow full-cut panties (aka granny panties…  lol), I wore a vintage half slip, (too tight!) camisole and robe. So much silky nylon! As usual, I model My panties in the most tempting ways. Ways that keep panty boys like *you* addicted.  😉

you can’t resist

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I know I say ‘you can’t resist’ but come on…you don’t want to! 😉  you love to give in to your panty lust urges. Silky shiny satin panties shown off in a way only I can show them off and tease you about your fetish. you looovvveee it! And I know how much you look forward to every new panty clip I create. So enjoy another, because you really can’t resist.  😉