Open Leg Tease

New:  Open Leg Tease

Every time I part My knees, open My thighs and reveal My silky, nylon panty crotch….your cock just throbs. you wish you could touch them, but you know that is just pure fantasy. Such a beautiful display of My silky lingerie and lace-top stocking legs. Panty tease that you can only dream of, but you don’t have to because I make it a reality!

Provocative Purple Panties

New:  Provocative Purple Panties

If you’ve seen any of My panty tease videos, you know that I can make any style of panty look provocative. Skimpy, sheer, nylon, satin, lacy, thong, string bikini, vintage tap panties, and yes, even full cut “granny” panties. (lol)  It’s like I know every camera angle and every movement to make, every word to say to maximize your arousal and desire to see ME in panties.

Panty gusset makes you gush

New:  Panty gusset makes you gush

I know panties turn you on but there is one part of the panty that is especially alluring. And that part is the panty GUSSET, the crotch area. The part of the panty that gets more pussy than you ever will!  lol  Which is part of the reason it IS so exciting to you. A Woman’s most intimate areas are pressed up right against that little piece of material. MY most intimate areas are covered by these shiny, full cut nylon panties which I tease you with by so many tantalizing views. Views you never can resist…..

Quick Panty Jerk

New:   Quick Panty Jerk

Only a few minutes, but you don’t need long, especially with views like these. Look at all that shiny, slippery, seductive satin and pretty lace thigh highs. The light pink satin string bikinis are so hot.  The way I pull My panties tight across My ass and crotch….you won’t even last to the end!

Pussy isn’t for you

New:   Pussy isn’t for you

For a pervert like you, views like this are the closest you are going to get to a pussy. That’s why you love looking up skirts so much and getting those forbidden views. you’ve fetishized this part of a woman’s body because it’s so off-limits to you. For a sexless, pussy-denied, upskirt perv, this is all you get!

Panty perv ass ignore

New:   Panty perv ass ignore

Whether I say anything at all, or not, the result is always the same….you staring and stroking. So today I’m just going to ignore you and you can stroke and stare at My shimmery pink nylon full cut panties.

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