The Panty Stash

New:   The Panty Stash

Guess what I found? The evidence. your most prized possession(s). your biggest secret. I found your panty stash! Yeah, I know you thought you had it pretty well hidden. But not good enough, obviously. Look at all of these panties. Where did you get all of these from? Did you buy them or did you steal them? Do you think it’s normal for a man to have such a large collection of panties? What do you DO with all of these anyway? haha Just kidding….I know. I can just imagine the lengths you’ve gone to to keep your panty fetish a secret. But wouldn’t it be better if…….

you’ll always be a pantyboy

New:   you’ll always be a pantyboy

I wonder what percentage of males have a panty fetish. I suppose that would be hard to find out as not all males are going to be honest about such a thing. But I do know that there are 2 common fears almost every pantyboy shares…..  And I think you have eroticized these fears into fantasies where you can control the outcome. Think of all of the measures you’ve taken to avoid getting caught. But would that really be so bad….?  😉

Panty Evolution

New:   Panty Evolution

Blah, blah, blah, blah, you’ll buy it anyways. Come on now. you know what to expect from MY panty clips by now and you fucking LOVE them! Do you even read the description anyway? Well on the off chance you do, the title should give you a hint. Let’s (and I mean ME) talk about how you got this way (and how you’ll *never* change)…..

This clip made it to the overall Top 50 as well!