Servitude #278

New:   Servitude #278

Today is tease and….?  Well if you have your masturbation schedule (#273), then you know what today is. I just felt like teasing the hell out of you with one of My awesome panty teases.  I’m wearing a pair of silky, nylon light blue panties. They are a bit fuller cut side than I prefer but I’m NOT breaking My rule of NO GRANNY PANTIES in 2020 (LOL), so it’s okay. you watch Me as I pull them up, I pull them down, and I take them off. (Preview is censored, the clip is not).

Panty Voyeur

New:  Panty Voyeur

you’re so lucky to be able to silently view Me in My bedroom while I am going through My panty drawer. It’s obvious I have no idea you are there, as I am distracted going through all of My silky, sheer and lacy panties. This is something you have always dreamt about…..

Pink Apron and Panties

New:  Pink Apron and Panties

The vintage chiffon apron I’m wearing is so pretty–it looks like lingerie. So it’s only fitting that I treat it as such and wear it with silky pink panties, full fashioned stockings and garters, a satin bustier and vintage chiffon robe. I know you want to watch Me so sensually show everything off…..

This clip also made it to the overall top 50 clips on the main page of Clips4Sale:

Erotic Panty Views

New:   Erotic Panty Views

One of My favorite fetishes to shoot clips for is Panty fetish and I think that shows. I understand why you are drawn to this most intimate piece of Women’s apparel. How could you not be?! And I have a knack for capturing this magical undergarment in some of the most sensual and erotic ways. In this clip I’m dressed in vintage lingerie, stockings, heels, a vintage half slip and a pair of Olga brand panties. I slowly pulled the half slip up over My pantied ass and I also pulled it down completely for a full view of My panties and the lacy waistband. I like wearing slips with panties as then I can do those ultra-teasing panty-peek/upskirt (up-slip?) views. you will love everything about this clip! 😉

White Nylon Panty Views

New:   White Nylon Panty Views

Going through My panty drawer, I found this pair of Vanity Fair panties to wear. The nylon material is so thin that you can clearly see My garter belt I’m wearing underneath. I show My panties off from various angles and poses, all while touching, rubbing and adjusting them.

These are all My clips as well:

Panty Time

New:  Panty Time

The time of day that you look forward to every day is your private panty time. Coming home, slipping into a pair of panties, watching your favorite panty videos (MINE…obviously!  lol) and having a really nice release. Not only do I understand your need for this sensual activity, I encourage it. your need, to blow your load into PANTIES.

The Panty Stash

New:   The Panty Stash

Guess what I found? The evidence. your most prized possession(s). your biggest secret. I found your panty stash! Yeah, I know you thought you had it pretty well hidden. But not good enough, obviously. Look at all of these panties. Where did you get all of these from? Did you buy them or did you steal them? Do you think it’s normal for a man to have such a large collection of panties? What do you DO with all of these anyway? haha Just kidding….I know. I can just imagine the lengths you’ve gone to to keep your panty fetish a secret. But wouldn’t it be better if…….