Silky Vanity Fair Panties

New:   Silky Vanity Fair Panties

I know those of you who like granny panties will enjoy this clip. I will say that these Vanity Fair panties do feel very nice and silky, even though I hate the full coverage. But I give Myself a panty wedgie, thus improving them measurably. Panties, garters, heels, stockings, lingerie, chiffon, nylon, lace and of course ME. What’s not to enjoy?!  😉

Panty Modeling 3

New:   Panty Modeling 3

Time for Me to do some more panty drawer cleaning and get rid of various panties. In this clip I model 7 different panties and talk about what I like and don’t like about them and why I’m getting rid of them. I also destroy a pair that I found a hole in. Lots of great panty rear footage in this clip as well!

Pink Nylon Panties

New:   Pink Nylon Panties

These pink panties are made from shimmery pink nylon and watching Me move in them, with all the ultra feminine lingerie I’m wearing, is mesmerizing. Just another Mistress Jessica panty clip that you need to add to your ever growing collection……

Lifelong Panty Lover

New:   Lifelong Panty Lover

In this clip I’m wearing so much yummy nylon on My body. A vintage lace trimmed,  lavender nylon full slip, a white lace 4 strap garter belt, very silky nylon full/hi cut panties, lilac Full Fashioned stockings and of course, high heels.

you’ve had a thing for panties for as long as you can remember. What if I said “No more panties”? Would you give them up? Could you give them? Maybe you’ve already done the whole bingeing and purging thing before and you just can’t free yourself from silky, nylon, cock-stiffening PANTIES. But this love of panties is also your greatest fear…..of being discovered…….

Panty Stroker

New:   Panty Stroker

All the things you enjoy……Me in a pair of silky panties, touching Myself, many sexy views of My panties and some dirty talk. I also give you some masturbation instructions today, just because I like controlling your stroking. My panty videos are such a guilty pleasure for you, you never can resist Me….. 😉

The Panty Test

New:   The Panty Test

Well, this is My bedroom. you are so lucky to be here, very few men have made it up here. I’m pretty picky. But I like you and I think we could have fun tonight, but there is just one little thing I need you to do for Me first. It’s not a big deal and it won’t take long, but you must do it before things go any further. It’s something I call the Panty Test…….