White Lace Panty Ass

New clip:  White Lace Panty Ass

My corseted hourglass curves and shapely ass are so sexy in this ass worship clip! I start off rubbing My hands over My satin half slip and then I lift it up for a peek at what I’ll soon be showing you. There are some up-close views before I remove the slip and show off My sexy white lace panty ass from various angles.

Stroke it to My Ass

Stroke it to My Ass

100-Stroke-it-to-My-AssWow! My 100th video! Since you ass junkies can’t get enough of MY ass, I’ve got another clip for you. I shot this one after I shot My “Enchanted by Slips” clip and so I was still wearing layers of lingerie (slips). I tell you that I have an idea. That you should start stroking and every time I peel off a layer, you have to stroke a little bit faster. I finally get down to My sexy white string bikini panties and I start to give you a cum countdown. Stroke it to My Ass!!

Hot Pink Heaven

One of My sexiest videos and ONLY available in My Clips4Sale store.

Welcome to a little slice of heaven…..Mistress Jessica style. Heels, satin gloves, shiny PINK metallic outfit, glittering jewelery, feathers and many sexy body movements. Take a seat, relax and WATCH!

111-Hot-Pink-HeavenCheck out ALL of My Clips4Sales videos. (These videos are NOT in the members area of MistressJessica.net and never will be.)

Clips, hair and fetish book

Shot some new clips today and will be shooting a few more on Friday. Posted this one today:

Sissy Task #4

58-Sissy-Task-4-Cummy-PantiesI actually shot that clip a couple of days ago (different outfit and location) and I disliked the lighting on it, so I re-shot it today. Picky, I am.

And this clip I’m uploading at the moment and it will be scheduled to post in the morning:

Two Minute Tease-Two Minutes to Cum

59-Two-Minute-Tease-Two-Minutes-to-CumYou know what you have to do….


And I can no longer stand My hair!!!!!  I just saw My stylist like 2-3 weeks ago and I’m seeing her again this week to get more blonde highlights and just do SOMEthing with My hair. I think I need a few layers or something. I just have TOO MUCH FUCKING HAIR FOR ONE PERSON!!!!!!!!!!!

I thought I’d pass along this book from My fetish library:

My-other-self-bookIt covers quite a few different fetishes, although it doesn’t go that in depth on some of them, more like an overview, but still a worthwhile book to have.

I have yet to find a book that covers online domination, which I’m a bit surprised in our internet obsessed world that we live in. There are many books available on real time (face to face) BDSM, but online is completely different. I could probably write a whole blog post on this topic but I’ll save it for another day as I need to catch some Z’s.