Sheer Dotted Vintage Apron

New:  Sheer Dotted Vintage Apron

Aprons this pretty should not be worn in the kitchen…they should be worn in the bedroom!  I mean, just look at it! It’s sheer with lace trim and it looks more like lingerie. So that’s how I wore it. 😉 I paired it with FF stockings, panties, garter belt, bustier and lace gloves and headband to give Me that retro look. As a little bonus, I share some pictures with you in this video of other sheer aprons I wore for photo sets before.


New:   Shoegasmic

Not all high heels are created equal! Some are okay, some are nice and some are SHOEGASMIC. Like this stunning pair of Louboutins I’m wearing in this clip. Of course for a pair of heels like these I had to go full Glamour Mistress with a sequin gown, long satin gloves and glittering jewelry.

2019 Birthday Clip

NEW!   My 2019 Birthday Clip

I am wearing such an amazingly glamorous dress (a gift, of course) in this clip to celebrate MY birthday–February 24th!! This is the type of gown a Hollywood starlet might have worn back in the 1950’s and it’s so perfect for Me. Buy and honor Me, your Glamorous Goddess, on My most important day of the year!

When was the last time you saw a woman dressed like this?

From My Getting Dressed video:

FF nylons, slips, feminine dress, heels….all of it. Now, I don’t dress this way every day. But for weddings, afternoon tea, dinners out and other occasions, I DO get all dolled up similar to this. (Boyfriend can vouch for that). I’ve said before that I feel more comfortable in this stuff that jeans and a t-shirt. (Although I look sexy as hell in that as well!)

We’ve become such a dressed down society that looking like a slob is considered acceptable. Plus garters and stockings (and slips!) went out of fashion a long time ago, so you rarely see them anymore.

Except on ME, on a regular basis! ?