Play with it

New:   Play with it

This is the 5th in a series of clips designed to ease you into eating your own cum. you are not eating your cum in THIS clip, however. But I do have you do something else. Each clip is getting you closer and closer to that goal.

The Next Step

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Clip after clip, orgasm after orgasm, failed attempt after failed attempt…… Nothing gets you harder than the idea of being made to eat your own cum, and yet you haven’t quite done it yet. If you’re a good little (wannabe) cum eater, you’ve already bought My Cum Eating Goals clip and accomplished that task. And now, it’s time to move onto the next step……

Cum Eating Goals

I’m SO thoughtful! I made your resolutions for you:   Cum Eating Goals

So you start out 2017 as a cum eating virgin, but by the end of 2017, you’ll be licking up every mess you make! I am a VERY determined woman and I am making it My mission to turn you into an eager cum eater. you need My guidance, My encouragement and My instructions. And here is where you start…..

Stroke, Drip and Lick

New clip posted today! YAY!  😉

Stroke, Drip and Lick

295-Stroke-Drip-and-LickIt seems you have a little problem following through with your cum eating fantasies. Once you cum, the desire to eat it all up, disappears. So today I’m going to coach you through eating your pre-cum. I’ll give you stroking instructions to get your dick dripping and you will lick up every last drop. But it’s not enough. This is just the beginning for you. I have plans to make you into my cum hungry slave…..

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How bad do you want it?


How bad do you want it?

New clip posted today:  How bad do you want it?

280-How-bad-do-you-want-itI am going to give you the offer of a lifetime today, and only today. I know how much you would love to watch ME masturbate. I know how much you would love to see and hear Me have an orgasm. And I’m willing to indulge that fantasy, just this once. But, you’ve got to do something for Me first. That’s the only way I’ll do it. What do I want you to do? I want you to…….eat your own cum. That’s right. Swallow your own load for Me. It’s only fair that you do something HUGE for the privilege of seeing ME get off. Just imagine Me removing My panties and sliding My fingers into My wet pussy, all while you get to watch. It just depends on how bad you want it……  will you? Will I?