Silky Shiny Sensual Satin

New clip:  Silky Shiny Sensual Satin  (try saying that fast 5 times!  😉

465-Silky-Shiny-Sensual-SatinMy soft skin is wrapped in layers of sumptuous satin and underneath…a pair of silk string bikini panties. All that sensual satin is enough to make you….. (At the end of this clip there are a couple of short segments I shot after other clips, where I was wearing satin clothing. The footage was never used in other clips, I just saved it to include with a future satin clip.)

Well that didn’t take long at all to shoot up to #1:


Pussy Worship

New clip in My store:  Pussy Worship

312-Pussy-WorshipA pussy is where you came from and you spend your whole life trying to get back inside of one. you know it’s true. The PUSSY is a powerful portal of pleasure. The things men have done just to get inside of one….. I wonder how much of your day is spent fantasizing about it, looking at and jerking off thinking about it. PUSSY is powerful in the way it can consume your thoughts…..

Not even up for 24 hours and it made it to the #1 spot in the Pussy Worship category:


Heels, Legs and Lingerie

NEW in My clips store today:  Heels, Legs and Lingerie

244-Heels-Legs-and-LingerieThese heels are so sexy that I am wearing and extremely high too–6 inch heels without a platform. They go perfectly with My hot pink lacy nightgown. Legs, heels and lingerie–what a perfect combination. Usually I prefer to wear seamed stockings, but in this clip, you will worship My silky BARE legs. So strong and shapely with My feet arched to the extreme in My hot pink high heels. If you were My leg slave, I tell you about the things you might be able to do, and the things you WISH you could do!

My Sexy Calves

A video devoted to My bare legs and My Sexy Calves

21-My-Sexy-CalvesI’ve always had strong, shapely calf muscles and since I workout on a regular basis, they are quite toned. I show off my calf muscles standing and sitting. When I stand in my high heeled mules, you can also see my high arched feet. I point and flex my feet to show off my calves, I even gently slap my calf muscle but they don’t jiggle much because they are so strong and toned. Also in this clip….short mini skirt, bare legs, a little bit of bare feet and high heeled mules. 1280×720

If you have a thing for shapely calf muscles, then also check out My Calves in Seamed Stockings video and My Shapely Calves in Stockings clip.

Slinky, Sexy Nightgown

I tend to have a ‘thing’ for vintage nightgowns. To Me, they are just so incredibly sexy. Have a look yourself at My Slinky, Sexy Nightgown video and I know you’ll agree….

66-Slinky-Sexy-NightgownI’m really into long sexy vintage nightgowns lately, don’t know why. I just find them really sexy. As I show off my nightgown, legs, heels and ample breasts and cleavage, I tell you that I know exactly who you are. Yes, you. I know the types of guys that buy My clips and what you’re doing. 1280×720

See MORE of My tantalizing lingerie videos HERE.

Bare legs, sexy mini dress and shiny high heeled knee boots

Yesterday I was posting about hosiery and today I give you NONE! Instead you get a picture of me in a LBD (little black dress) and sexy lace-up knee boots. I do love my vintage style lingerie but once in a while I crave something a bit edgier. This mini dress is something I’d never wear out in public (just too short and too revealing), but on my website I can play out all of my dress up fantasies!  😉