MJA16: Black FF Nylons

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The video starts with you peeking into my bedroom as I’m sitting on the edge of my bed. I talk to you and tell you about the Black Full Fashioned nylons I received as a gift. Then the camera comes in very close so you can see me slip them over my pretty painted toe nails and slowly pull them up my legs. I stop to adjust the seams and then clasp them to my garter belt. I put on the other stocking and then my high heel shoes and my black nylon full cut panties–all done with the camera very close! I finish off the video with some more full length views as well as teasing you with the sound of my nylon legs rubbing together.

MJA1: Pink Nylon Nightgown

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(This clip is from 2005 and is Standard Definition video)

I wear a beautiful vintage robe over My pale pink vintage nylon nightgown, white sheer panties and clear high heels. I start out modeling the robe for you with full views and up close of the lace trimmed bottom and My high heels. I take off the robe and start running my hands over my nightgown, over my body, my breasts, my nipples. The material is semi-sheer as you will see in the close-up footage. I finish off this clip by sitting on the floor and giving a panty peek and rubbing My smooth bare legs. 

Intimate Moments

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This matching nightgown and robe set are so luxurious! The soft velour robe felt amazing to wear and contrasted nicely with the silk-satin nightgown underneath. Both trimmed in beautiful cream lace. No hosiery this time, just a pair of lace trimmed panties and peep toe heels. My toe and finger nails are perfectly polished, My skin so smooth, My thick mane of hair in curls and My body clad in beautiful lingerie which I show off to sensual perfection. Come share in these intimate moments….


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Devotion: love, loyalty, worship. Those who are most devoted, serve Me and cater to My desires on a consistent basis. Others send random tributes to show their appreciation of Me. But some are quite selfish and think they can take and not give. Foolish men. I am a wrathful Goddess towards such types of males and have a way of making sure I always get what I want. Willing or not…….

Silky Shiny Sensual Satin

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465-Silky-Shiny-Sensual-SatinMy soft skin is wrapped in layers of sumptuous satin and underneath…a pair of silk string bikini panties. All that sensual satin is enough to make you….. (At the end of this clip there are a couple of short segments I shot after other clips, where I was wearing satin clothing. The footage was never used in other clips, I just saved it to include with a future satin clip.)

Well that didn’t take long at all to shoot up to #1:


Pussy Worship

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312-Pussy-WorshipA pussy is where you came from and you spend your whole life trying to get back inside of one. you know it’s true. The PUSSY is a powerful portal of pleasure. The things men have done just to get inside of one….. I wonder how much of your day is spent fantasizing about it, looking at and jerking off thinking about it. PUSSY is powerful in the way it can consume your thoughts…..

Not even up for 24 hours and it made it to the #1 spot in the Pussy Worship category:


How bad do you want it?

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I am going to give you the offer of a lifetime today, and only today. I know how much you would love to watch ME masturbate. I know how much you would love to see and hear Me have an orgasm. And I’m willing to indulge that fantasy, just this once. But, you’ve got to do something for Me first. That’s the only way I’ll do it. What do I want you to do? I want you to…….eat your own cum. That’s right. Swallow your own load for Me. It’s only fair that you do something HUGE for the privilege of seeing ME get off. Just imagine Me removing My panties and sliding My fingers into My wet pussy, all while you get to watch. It just depends on how bad you want it……  will you? Will I?

Heels, Legs and Lingerie

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244-Heels-Legs-and-LingerieThese heels are so sexy that I am wearing and extremely high too–6 inch heels without a platform. They go perfectly with My hot pink lacy nightgown. Legs, heels and lingerie–what a perfect combination. Usually I prefer to wear seamed stockings, but in this clip, you will worship My silky BARE legs. So strong and shapely with My feet arched to the extreme in My hot pink high heels. If you were My leg slave, I tell you about the things you might be able to do, and the things you WISH you could do!

You’re Still a Virgin

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30-Youre-Still-A-VirginI come across so sweet and nice that it catches you off guard when I ask you point blank “Are you still a virgin?” I always sensed something was off with you because you seem so awkward around women. Like you’ve never been with one before. That’s got to be embarrassing, especially at your age! Women can definitely tell if a guy seems to give off “virgin vibes” and honestly, no woman wants an inexperienced guy. But being a virgin isn’t your only problem. To be honest, you’re just not attractive. You just turn women OFF. Even if you did get a chance to have sex, you’d get so excited that you’d blow your wad before you even got to the main event! So, tell me, how far HAVE you gotten with a woman? Have you kissed before? That’s it? Wow. I just don’t get how someone could get to your age and have never had sex before. What is it? Were there just not the opportunities? Did you get tired of all the rejections? But don’t you ever wonder what it would feel like? Well, you’re just going to have to keep wondering, because you are destined to be a virgin FOREVER!