Findom Feet

New clip:  Findom Feet

402-Findom-Feetyou know My disdain for you and your little foot fetish. I know all the disgusting things you like to do to feet and women’s shoes, foot freak.  But you’re use to women thinking you are some creepy foot pervert, so My opinion should hardly surprise you.

you will never have MY pretty little feet, but being the freak you are….that just makes you want them even more. Feet make you horny and hard, which makes you weak and STUPID. Which makes it so much easier to manipulate you. I don’t care about your stupid fetish, but I will use it against you for My own personal gain….

Nipple Torture Trample

An oldie available again:   Nipple Torture Trample

393-Nipple-Torture-TrampleThe clip starts out where I am removing My 6 inch heeled sandals and changing into a pair of black, strappy, lower-heeled sandals. I model the heels for a few seconds before getting down to business. I waste no time dragging (and DIGGING) My heels into trampleguy’s nipples. With a high heel on each nipple, I dig them at the same time and just hold them. (I was always pushing trampleguy’s pain threshold!!)  THEN, I decided to twist back and forth while still digging into his flesh. Then when I let up for a few seconds and he thinks I’m going to give him a break, I DIG IN AGAIN!  hahaha  (Might want to have your volume low on this clip, unless loud yelling in pain won’t be an issue). I tried to do a double heel dig in one nipple and I dug My heels in nice and DEEP and rocked back and forth. I do delight in My sadism!  😉  Buy this clip and watch trampleguy suffer under My pretty (wicked!) high heeled feet!  (This clip is from 2006 and was shot in standard 640×480 definition)

The plan is….

…to post a bunch of My old trample clips over the weekend. I don’t know how many I’ll get done over Fri-Sat-Sun-Mon, but the goal is 8. So if you are seeing a lot of that type of content in My store, that’s why. It’s been on My to do list to repost all of My old (trample) content from My previous clips store and then I’ll be done with it. I won’t get it all done, but most of it.

Toe Pointing

New clip in My store:  Toe Pointing

265-Toe-PointingI can make even the simplest movement look sexy! Like this video clip–Toe Pointing. Those of you with a foot fetish will enjoy watching Me point My pretty feet and perfectly polished toes. you also get…smooth bare legs, tops of feet, foot jewelry, bare soles, feet and face, up close views, crossed feet and panty peeks.

Black Foot Bands

For those who like feet….. Black Foot Bands

25-Black-Foot-BandsFoot bands. Have you ever heard of them before? I guess you wear them with clogs or other open back shoes, not really sure. Anyhow, if you are into feet, toes, soles and bare legs, this clip is for you. I also have a TON of unusual socks and toe/foot related stuff that I’ll be wearing in upcoming videos! 1280×720

Bare Feet and Pink Toes

In My clip store….  Bare Feet and Pink Toes

206-Bare-Feet-and-Pink-ToesI shot this clip back in 2008 for a foot fetish website I was going to create, but never got around to it. This clip is just FEET! There’s some toe wiggling, toe pointing, foot rubbing, toe cracking. side views, sole views, foot flexing, soft soles, polished toes, scrunched and wrinkled soles, and more. A short clip, shot in standard definition– 640×480.

Foot Freak 2

Hey foot freaks!  I know you couldn’t get enough humiliation in My original Foot Freak clip, so you’re in luck!  I made another one. Buy and jerk:  Foot Freak 2

53-Foot-Freak-2Annoyed, I look up from My magazine at you. I see you are back. And you notice that My feet are covered in little black lace slingback socks. I tell you that I covered them up so disgusting little pervs like you wouldn’t jack off to them. I tease you about how horny you are to jack off to My feet. I strip off the socks and reveal My bare tootsies, wiggling and pointing My toes and scrunching My soles. Then, with my feet/legs straight out in front of Me, I tell you how I bet you’ve jerked off to male feet before. You’re so fucking obsessed with feet, sometimes you just jerk off to feet picture without even caring what’s attached to the feet. HAHA I guess that makes you a foot FAG then!