MJA17: New High Heels

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I had just finished doing a photoset and video in this outfit and decided to make this clip showing off a couple of gifts of new high heels. I slip off My shoes and put on the first pair of leopard print D’Orsay heels with peep toes. The camera zooms in for a closer view–they look great with My seamed stockings. Then I remove them and put on a pair of black leather pumps with ankle straps. There’s a quick panty peek while changing heels and a flash of My garter straps and stocking tops.

Sole Desires

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Look at the power I hold over you as I dangle My heel off of My toes. Yes, I’m well aware that you are eagerly awaiting for that shoe to drop, so you can stare at My stocking soles. I’m also aware of all the things you desire to do to nylon covered feet……

Stocking Soles

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Something as simple as removing My shoes has gotten your complete attention. you love to stare at My soft soles and perfectly polished toes encased in sheer nylon stockings. Watching Me scrunch soles and spread My toes, it’s as if you are transfixed by the movements of My feet…..

Red Toes and Nylon Soles

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From 2008, I shot this for a foot fetish site I never got around to doing. The title and preview image pretty much show you what to expect in this clip.

(I added this clip to the Trample (related) list of clips).

Spellbound by Stockings

New nylon clip:    Spellbound by Stockings

I find it amusing that this thin, delitcate layer of nylon I wear on My legs, has you so under My spell. From the tips of My polished toenails (peeking out from My peep-toe heels), to My stocking soles, calves and thighs…..these legs of Mine have you captivated. Garter straps (10 to be exact) and stocking tops and panty peeks make your heart race. The way I stroke My legs, remove My heels and the things I say is enough to push you over the edge……