Black Heel Vintage Stockings

New:   Black Heel Vintage Stockings

At the beginning of the video, I show you the packaging these vintage stockings came in. I’m guessing they are from the 1950’s, perhaps very early 1960’s. Black heel stockings are quite rare, you’re lucky to see Me wear such unique vintage stockings. I know you really enjoy seeing My nylon soles, so of course I must make you wait with a little show dangling first. I love how tightly vintage nylons encase My legs, modern reproductions just don’t fit the same. Nylon feet, vintage stockings, long leg panty girdle, toe pointing, toe spreading, toe flexing, one shoe one, high heel dangling, shoe removal, fully fashioned stockings, back seams, and shapely calves and legs.

Vintage Shadow Clox Stockings

New:  Vintage Shadow Clox Stockings

I was in the mood to wear another pair of My fancy vintage stockings.. This particular style is called “Shadow Clox” and has clock hands (??) on the side of each leg. (I thought they were arrows…). Under the vintage nylons I wore a pair of pantyhose and over that, a pair of sheer green panties. My black open bottom girdle held up My stockings quite well. I briefly changed My heels to show off a pair I am getting rid of. High Heels, leg posing, nylon soles, hosiery layering, garters, girdle, cleavage, satin gloves, sheer panties and ME.

Calves in Vintage Stockings

New:  Calves in Vintage Stockings

you can’t resist Me when I’m dressed like this….a combination of elegant, feminine and sexy. My outfit shows off just enough of My hourglass figure and shapely legs. Legs in STOCKINGS, vintage stockings to be precise. And My strappy high heels make My feet look so incredibly dainty. I’m kind enough to remove them towards the end just because I know that My nylon soles will do you in…..

Heels, Nylons, Soles and Calves

New:  Heels, Nylons, Soles and Calves

My legs are clad in a pair of vintage stockings with outline heels in this clip. At the start, I show you the unworn stockings, crisp and perfect, wrapped in the vintage packaging. Part of the clip I’m wearing 6 inch high heeled mules and then I remove them to reveal My stocking soles.

Vintage Etchings Stockings

I have been meaning to post these pictures FORever….!

I’ve said before in My blog that I like to post the packing that vintage stockings come in.

I think these are probably from the 1960’s, but that’s just a guess.

Tadpole (???) is the color…???  Um, okay… (goes to Google the color of Tadpoles…

I wore these in My Servitude #98 clip.

Not really My taste, but I do like to model rare pairs of Vintage stockings that otherwise probably wouldn’t see the light of day.

MORE Vintage stockings blog posts here. 

Albert’s Novelty Jewels Vintage Stockings

Another vintage stockings post, as I’ve been meaning to post these pics for awhile now.

I’m not sure if the stockings were in the correct box as there is no mention of the style “Novelty Jewels” on the outside.

Style:  Enchanted   Color: French Nude   (Stocking) Size:  9.5

Jewels I found on My carpet the day after….

I’d say these were from the 1950’s, maybe 1960’s. I wore them in My “Jeweled Calves” video:

I actually don’t buy vintage stockings anymore, I’m just going through My collection and wearing the ones I have. I’ve said this in My clips before, but I find that vintage stockings tend to be too short in the length for My tastes, which is why I always wear them with long leg panty girdles. However, I do like the FIT of vintage stockings as they fit tighter to the leg (read: no stretch) than modern made FF stockings.

Northmont Delecette Vintage Stockings

Although it’s rare that I post any pictures publicly anymore, I’ll still post pictures of vintage stockings and packaging from My personal collection.

“Continental Cafe” was the name of the color. I love the fancy names that vintage stocking companies dreamt up. Like Spicy or Smokey Mountain Haze or Serenade.

I think this is the first time I’ve ever seen a date on a box of stockings before. I don’t think the stockings are that old, probably from the 1950’s would be My guess.

So the ‘gimmick’ with these stockings was that they were “Ever so faintly scented” (perfumed), but it was so faint that I didn’t smell anything. lol  Well I couldn’t differentiate between “is this perfume or just musty 60+ year old stocking smell”.

A signature detail of vintage stockings, the welt imprint.

I wore these in My “Lower Leg Appreciation” clip:

The stockings do have a nice, darker outline along the heel and foot reinforcement and a rather unusual “bump/notch” along the side of the heel. Which you can see much better in the clip, of course.

A quick Google image search and there are some neat old advertisements for Northmont stockings to be found.