Vintage Belle stockings and sneak peeks….

I wore a pair of vintage seamless stockings in a recent video shoot and I snapped off a few photos of the stocking packaging before hand.

Belle-stockings-boxBelle-stockings-box-2Belle-tissue-paperBelle-stocking-tops-welt-imprintI just love all of those little details because I feel it makes the stockings even more special.

Below is the tag on the Panti-Slip that I’ll be wearing in Sunday’s video update.

Olga-Triple-Treat-Panti-SlipI found this vintage ad for the slip:


“It’s a panty, half-slip and tummy controlling garter belt all-in-one!”

And a piccy from an outtake from Sunday’s video…

crazy-wavy-hairTrying to let My hair partially air dry more lately and it get’s all wavy, crazy.


Stylace Heels Confetti Heel vintage Stockings

As I’ve mentioned before on my blog, I collect vintage stockings, but with a focus on what I call “novelty” pairs. These are stockings with unusual details such as outline heels, decor up the back of the seam or around the ankle or heel, or just anything special that your basic fully fashioned stocking wouldn’t have. I’m assuming such styles were probably only worn for special occasions and they tend to be very rare and hard to find.


By the way, I just added a categories section to my blog. So if you gaze over to the right, you should see it and if you click on the “vintage stockings” category, you’ll be able to view all of my posts featuring vintage stockings. Mind you, I have a lot more vintage stockings in my members area. (Nov 2016 update–paysite closed June 2015)

Now onto this pair of vintage stockings! They are made by Stylace Heels and I think I have a few more pairs by that same brand. They are known for making stockings with unusual outlines around the heel.

Confetti-Heel-stockings-1Here’s an up close photo (well, actually a screen shot taken from the video that I wore them in–here’s a preview in this post), of the stockings being worn.

Confetti-Heel-stockings-2It’s a very colorful design that looks a little like a train track or puzzle pieces. Notice the heel reinforcement is sheer.

I did a quick Google search for these stockings and surprisingly, found a pair for sale over at Stocking Showcase. I also found a few pictures on flickr of another vintage stockings collector who has this same pair and many others that you might enjoy looking at. I’m glad I’m not the only one who has an appreciation for such rare and unique styles!  😉

Vintage Picturesque Jewel Seam Stockings

About five years ago I started collecting vintage stockings, but not just any vintage stockings. My preference was for the more unique and rare styles that were made back in the 1940’s and 1950’s. I like to call these “novelty” stockings as I’m guessing such styles were saved for special occasions and not worn for every day wear.

The packaging for vintage stockings was another thing that made them special. They usually came packaged in a box with an eye catching font or graphic on the front of the box. The side of the box would give the stocking style name, color and size.

Vintage-Jewel-Seam-stockingsI always find it amusing all the fanciful names thought up for different stocking colors. ‘Caress’ is so much more enticing than ‘nude’, or is it?  😉


Vintage stockings also, usually, have a imprint on the stocking top with such information as the stocking brand, size, gauge and denier.

Pristine vintage stockings in box

And I just love opening a box of vintage nylons and seeing a pair of pristine, unworn stockings folded up and wrapped in tissue. I always feel like it’s holding a piece of history in my hands!

Jewel Seam Fully Fashioned stockings

And here are the dazzling stockings being worn! They are truly something special!

These stockings are worn in My Jewel Seam Stockings clip.  I wore these again in My Jeweled Calves clip.

Vintage Tiara Seamed Stockings with outline heels

Back in April I shot a video where I was wearing these fancy outline heel stockings. I took a couple of photos of them before I put them on.

Come join me in my members area to see me wearing all sorts of beautiful vintage stockings!  😉

2018 Update:  I closed My lingerie paysite back in 2015 and I have been shooting new content exclusively for My Clips4Sale store since 2013. Check it out!