Vintage Stockings box and nylons

I’m not even sure if these stockings were in the correct box, but since vintage packaging is kind of neat, I took photos anyway. The box:

I have worn a pair of Hummingbird vintage stockings in a (sort of) recent video, My So Much Satin clip. But those were brand new, unworn and had a welt-imprint and advertising sheet, just no box.

I always love the names given to the stocking colors back then…..”Spicy”. 😉

I wore these in My Girdle, Heels and Vintage Stockings clip and I could tell that they had been worn before (as I mentioned in the video) as some of the black flocking design was rubbed off. A good percentage of My vintage stockings are unworn and some in the original packaging, but a few of these rare/unique pairs have been worn before. BUT since the some of the styles are so hard to come by, I would sometimes buy a worn pair to have an example of that style in My collection. (My vintage stockings were pretty much 100% purchased off of ebay).

I have a similar, and nicer example of this style of stocking that I wore in My Vintage Seamed Stockings clip a few years ago.