MJA6: Changing Stockings

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(This clip is from 2005 and is Standard Definition video)

This clip begins with Me unclasping My metal garter clasps holding up My Taupe colored Full Fashioned stockings. I slide one of the nylons off My leg, put on a pair of hosiery gloves and open up a new package of Black Full Fashioned stockings. I carefully put one stocking on, making sure the seams are straight and then remove the other Taupe colored stocking and put on the other black one. There are a few zoomed in views of My stocking tops, garter straps and sheer red panties. The clip ends with some nice back views of My FF nylon legs and sexy panty ass.

Nylon Niche

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I’ve been wearing stockings for over 20 years now, usually Full Fashioned stockings–my favorite. With My very first pair, I was hooked! REAL stockings are not stretchy and need a garter belt to hold them up. Then are thin, delicate and can be easily ruined if one is not careful. But every time I wear them (on My very shapely legs), I feel like I am wearing something truly special. And you can tell, from My MANY stocking videos, that I am a Woman that really enjoys and appreciates the little details of the nylon niche. All the way from My stocking tops and garter straps down to My nylon clad soles.

7 inch High Heel Mules

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The highest heels I own! A brand new gift from a slave. The heels are so thin, a true stiletto heel! I walk a bit in them and show them off from all sorts of angles. With the heels I’m wearing a pair of diamond heel Full Fashioned stockings, garter belt, panties, a vintage bustier and long satin gloves.

Stimulating Stocking Legs

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Nothing arouses you the way a pair of shapely legs in garters, stockings and high heels does. you don’t know why you’re wired this way, you just are. It’s rare to find a Woman wearing these things and you have to get your fix somehow….and here you are. Again.

Heels, Nylons, Soles and Calves

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My legs are clad in a pair of vintage stockings with outline heels in this clip. At the start, I show you the unworn stockings, crisp and perfect, wrapped in the vintage packaging. Part of the clip I’m wearing 6 inch high heeled mules and then I remove them to reveal My stocking soles.

Nylon Trap

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I know that when you see My strong and shapely legs in beautiful seamed stockings, your cock immediately gets hard. you are powerless to the effect these nylon legs have on you and naturally, I use that to My advantage. Always.

Leg Lust

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My legs command attention from males. But then I know how to show them off to their best advantage with seamed stockings, high heels and figure hugging skirts. I know the power I hold over you with My strong nylon clad legs. Just the simplest gestures…..crossing and uncrossing My legs, dangling a shoe, putting My soles in your face……turns you to mush. you can’t escape this……

Well that was fast, but not surprising…..