Servitude #265

New:   Servitude #265

I started this Servitude series back in 2016 and here we are 4 years later with #265 in 2020. Servitude is a journey. Some pay attention and succeed and some don’t and fail. So many clips full of worship, instructions, challenges, tasks, opportunities, tribute mentions, My likes/dislikes and of course, your education on how I will be served.

Servitude #164

New:   Servitude #164

In this clip:  My chastity goals for you in 2020, a 7 day task, that thing I mentioned in Servitude #160 is ready and I have it for you, something from October 2019 and a couple of opportunities for good boys. Plus, you know….hot lingerie, FF stockings, ample tits and cleavage, My nice round ass, strappy high heels….