Servitude #247

New:   Servitude #247

Stockings, satin and of course, servitude. I have a couple of new (slave-paid) gifts to show off and then I talk to you about the topic at hand: struggle. And how your servitude should never be that but why it might be. It’s hard not to be sexually aroused as I pull down My bodice, revealing more of My full tits. Distracted by My shiny satin panties, that hug my nice round ass so well. Seduced by fantasy, you’re right where you belong…..

Servitude #228

New:   Servitude #228

A slinky vintage nightgown, black full fashioned stockings, a lacy 6 strap garter belt, high heeled mules, purple satin panties and the sensual Mistress that controls your cock! I’d say this is a masturbation encouragement clip, but it’s not an option for My slaves. MY slaves that are going on a week without an orgasm, you know what I demand of you….more stroking, more frustration and NO cumming.

Silky Vanity Fair Panties

New:   Silky Vanity Fair Panties

I know those of you who like granny panties will enjoy this clip. I will say that these Vanity Fair panties do feel very nice and silky, even though I hate the full coverage. But I give Myself a panty wedgie, thus improving them measurably. Panties, garters, heels, stockings, lingerie, chiffon, nylon, lace and of course ME. What’s not to enjoy?!  😉

September 2018 Masturbation Schedule

New:   September 2018 Masturbation Schedule

This month’s schedule is something I’ve never done before and something I’ll never do again, but I like to try new things with your monthly schedules. There is a keyword this month and many tasks for you to complete. I kinda think you are going to like this  schedule.  😉

Servitude #77

New:   Servitude #77

The Internet is such a powerful tool for connecting with people, some of which you may never have the opportunity to otherwise meet. All of your deepest fantasies, fetishes and desires can be played out online without anyone ever knowing. For some, buying clips is all they need. But for others, they desire more…..they want to really know what it feels like to be one of My slaves……