Servitude #77

New:   Servitude #77

The Internet is such a powerful tool for connecting with people, some of which you may never have the opportunity to otherwise meet. All of your deepest fantasies, fetishes and desires can be played out online without anyone ever knowing. For some, buying clips is all they need. But for others, they desire more…..they want to really know what it feels like to be one of My slaves……

Can you wait?

New:   Can you wait?

Let’s play a game today called “Can you wait?”. It’s a very easy game with only one rule: you can not cum until the countdown at the very end. you can do that, right? So no matter what I say or what I do, you will control yourself. I know how certain things trigger you and I do love to tease you, but you WILL wait. And then it will be so much better……

Lusting after My Legs

New clip:   Lusting after My Legs

you’ve got it bad, for My shapely legs and there is no cure. you love watching Me pose, walk and cross My legs. I just flaunt My power over you so confidently.  When you see I have a new stocking clip, your cock gets hard and you just can’t wait to download it. My man-weakening nylon legs get you every single time……..

Everything I’m wearing was paid for by good boys. The Louboutin heels from the professor, as well as the FF nylons, the garter belt from perv, the panties I bought off of Amazon with giftcards and the satin nightie I bought with a tribute from philip.

Servitude #12

And now…….  Servitude #12

492-Servitude-12The perfect willing victim…..male obedience…completely consuming you……deeper and deeper……fate….sensual control……..pleasure…….MY pleasure….fear….all wrapped up in a visually pretty package. Click, buy, watch and listen….your learning continues…..

(The FF stockings are from the professor, as are the Louboutin heels and the satin robe was paid for by Satin Mikey).

This clip made it to #1 in the Femdom POV category:

serve12-no1Servitude #13 and #10 are also currently in the top 10.

Stocking Tops and Garter Straps

New clip:  Stocking Tops and Garter Straps

436-Stocking-Tops-and-Garter-StrapsThere is so much to eroticize in the area between the waist and upper thighs……garter straps and stocking tops that reveal the bare flesh of the upper thigh. But those same garter straps also so beautifully frame My silky panty ass and lace covered pussy. Stocking legs make your heart race, but making out the outline of a garter strap under a tight skirt drives you wild! The full fashioned stockings I’m wearing are so sheer and delicate that they require a garter belt to stay on My legs. And even though I wore My panties under My garter belt, I explain to you why they should be worn over….but I think you already know.

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Enslaved by Legs

New clip:   Enslaved by Legs

413-Enslaved-by-LegsWatch Me in My tight little mini skirt, seamed stockings and metal heeled pumps. My legs so easily command attention without Me even saying or doing anything. your attraction and arousal to My legs is your downfall. I’m aware of the power of My shapely nylon covered legs and with just a little bit of effort on My part, I can easily enslave a man and make him do anything I want…..

This clip made it to #1 in the Garter & Stockings category:


Passion for Lingerie

New clip:    Passion for Lingerie

403-Passion-for-LingerieMy love of beautiful lingerie is no secret. Lingerie celebrates femininity and shows off all of My curves so perfectly. Lingerie can be sexy, sensual, fun, naughty, silky, sheer or a whole slew of things. Lingerie is about fantasy, pleasure and the anticipation of sex. And Me in My lingerie has lured you in many a time and continues to draw you back again and again….

This clip made it to #1 in the lingerie category:


Expensive Erotica

A pricey new clip posted…..  Expensive Erotica  (This clip has been removed from My clip store)

399-Expensive-EroticaWhat does this clip have to do with Financial Domination? Well, if you have the desire to pay for it, you’ve already answered that question. Pricey enticement. Financial worship. Adoration in cash. An extremely rare view of more of Me than I’ve ever revealed before. And on this day of Love and Adoration, Valentine’s Day 2016, you have the opportunity to worship even more of My beautiful body in this intimate clip. At a steep price, of course. Always making you pay. The MORE, the BETTER. you always crave more of Me, I know that. I dangle it in front of you like a carrot, an expensive one.

This clip was shot in 2012 for My (now closed) lingerie paysite. It was available once in My members area for about two weeks. In the clip I am wearing a sheer top over an open cup bra. On My sweet ass, a pair of sheer ruffled panties worn over My 12 strap garter belt and on My legs are clad in full fashioned stockings, My feet in black platform heels. I remove My panties at the 5 minute mark and soon the top and open cup bra. Because of the sheer clothing and nudity, the animated preview image doesn’t show much, obviously. This clip is sensual, beautiful, erotic and natural. When I shot this clip, I did it for MY pleasure, just like everything I do. And if you wish to view it, you will PAY, which coincidentally is also for My pleasure. Naturally.

(This was Bonus Video #96.)

I hardly expect a $600.00 clip to sell any higher than this:  😉