Vintage Lingerie and Nylon Panties

NEW:  Vintage Lingerie and Nylon Panties

In this clip I’m wearing a matching vintage nightgown and robe set with a pair of silky nylon panties and full fashioned stockings. About halfway through I changed out of the nightgown and into a vintage bustier so I could better show off the shiny nylon panties. Lots of fantastic nylon leg and panty ass views in this clip!

Can you wait?

New:   Can you wait?

Let’s play a game today called “Can you wait?”. It’s a very easy game with only one rule: you can not cum until the countdown at the very end. you can do that, right? So no matter what I say or what I do, you will control yourself. I know how certain things trigger you and I do love to tease you, but you WILL wait. And then it will be so much better……

7 Pairs of Panties – Part 2

Time for the second part:  7 Pairs of Panties -Part 2

405-7-Pairs-of-Panties-Part-2In the first part of this series, 7 Pairs of Panties -part 1, I wore two different pairs of full cut nylon panties. And in this second part, I also model two different pairs from various angles. The second pair is a very thin nylon that you can see My neatly trimmed pubic hair through. you also watch Me remove the panties and see a little bare ass nudity. Nothing raunchy, just tasteful, erotic panty tease. (This clip is from 2013 and was shot for My, now closed, lingerie paysite).

(This was Bonus Video #106.)

Less than 12 hours of posting this, it made it to #1 in the Panty Fetish category:


7 Pairs of Panties -Part 1

Old clip reposted to My store:  7 Pairs of Panties -Part 1

396-7-Pairs-of-Panties-Part-1First things first: I am NOT wearing 7 different pairs of panties in this clip, only 2. This is a 3 part clip and in all 3 parts I end up modeling 7 different pairs in total. I don’t know when I am going to post parts 2 and 3 yet (*maybe* this month). This is an older clip of Mine from 2012 and it was for My old lingerie site. (I also come off a little sweet in this video which almost stopped Me from posting it, but, whatever. I know you guys who love big ass granny panties will like it.) In addition to panties, I’m wearing a vintage robe, garter belt and stockings, high heels and a pink bra. Enjoy!

This was Bonus video #105.

Panty Enticement

From the archives….. Panty Enticement

370-Panty-EnticementThis clip is from 2012 and was from My old lingerie paysite. Fans of full cut “granny” style panties, slips and stockings will love this! There is no speaking in this clip and parts of it have a voyeuristic feel to it. There is leg crossing, panty peeks, upskirts, seamed stockings, lifting up of My skirt and some great panty views.

My living room is in the process of being painted and the ‘after’ will be revealed in the next week or two. 😉

This is Bonus Video #94.

Less than 12 hours of posting this and it made it to #1 in the Panty Fetish category:


Baby Blue Panty Tease

New in My clips store:   Baby Blue Panty Tease

350-Baby-Blue-Panty-TeaseThis clip is from 2011 and was originally shot for my lingerie paysite (which is now closed). I don’t speak in this clip and it has a voyeuristic feel to it as you watch Me lay in bed, adjusting My lingerie and panties. If you are a fan of the big full cut style panties (“granny panties”), Full Fashioned stockings and vintage lingerie, you’ll enjoy this clip!

(This was Bonus Video #40.)

This clip made it to #1 in the Panty Fetish category:


Enticing Nylon Panties

Vanity Fair Lace Nouveau panties are probably my favorite style of full cut nylon panties. They are made out of silky nylon, are available in a wide variety of colors, both solid and floral prints and have feminine lace accents on each hip. Here is a pair I purchased recently:

I had just ironed all these panties before I laid them out on my bed. I was getting ready to shoot a video for my website and the panties just look so pretty on display. Don’t you think?  😉

I model ALL of these panties for you in my newest video “7 Pairs of Panties”. If you love seeing a woman wearing full cut nylon panties, then you will LOVE My website: 😉  My clips store.

January 12th, 2017 update: I am going through some of My old blog posts and updating a few things. I am NOT a fan of granny panties, never was. I wore them when I had My lingerie paysite because they went well with the vintage lingerie I wore AND I had a loyal following of guys who enjoyed seeing Me in the full cut brief styles.

I closed My lingerie paysite in June 2015 to focus solely on shooting NEW clips for My Clips4Sale store. I have reposted a few of My older clips to My clips store, but I don’t do it very often. All 3 parts of “7 Pairs of Panties” are available in My clips store:

7 Pairs of Panties – Part 1

7 Pairs of Panties – Part 2

7 Pairs of Panties – Part 3