Leather Boots and Gloves

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Not to toot My own horn (haha! Who am I kidding?)….but I look sexy as fuck in this outfit! Yeah, you know I am more of a lace and lingerie type of Mistress and I prefer stockings and heels over boots. But once in a while I surprise you boot lovers with these lusty clips of My legs clad in BOOTS. Of course the black leather gloves and corset belt contrast nicely with the white lace mini dress. (Had to sneak SOME lace in there! lol)

August 2002….

Wow…hard to believe this was 17 years ago (and taken with My first digital camera).

I believe that was My very first costume from Trashy Lingerie. I actually bought it used on ebay for like $250, but it was in excellent condition. I wore it in My Sexy Black Thigh Boots video:

Awww…. Tiger. ?  Him and his sister were the first 2 cats I ever adopted as an adult. I had only intended to get ONE cat, but the folks at the Humane Society really didn’t want to split them up (they were 5 years old) so….I ended up getting two.

French Maid Strip

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489-French-Maid-StripThis clip is from 2012 and was shot for My old lingerie paysite. I start out wearing a (very sexy!) vinyl French Maid costume with black rhinestone seamed pantyhose, sheer ruffled panties over, strappy high heels and black lace fingerless gloves. Eventually everything gets removed except for the pantyhose. Priced higher because of the 2+ minutes of topless nudity in this clip. An erotic sensual treat.

(This was Bonus video #80)

This clip made it to #1 in the Maid Fetish category:FMS-no1

Zipping up Metallic Boots

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448-Zipping-up-Metallic-bootsI thought I’d try a totally unusual fetish….Zipper fetish.  I’ve tried other lesser known fetishes before in the past and I’m always fascinated by how diverse human sexuality is. So why not, right?  😉

This clip made it to #1 in the Zippering category:


Elegant Enchantress

New clip:   Elegant Enchantress

366-Elegant-Enchantressyou are here by your own free will. you can not be enticed if you are against it, but you’re not. I enjoy dressing in glamourous clothing…..corsets, gloves, jewels, satin and velvet. I find these things have a very strong effect on men. It has them enthralled, as if…..by magic. My gaze penetrates you, and My graceful gestures have you watching My every move. you are aroused and your head is spinning. What have I done to you? you use to think you had free will but now your not so sure anymore. There’s only one thing to do and once you do it, My spell will be complete…..

This clip made it to #1 in the Erotic Magic category:


Sexy Black Thigh Boots

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221-Sexy-Black-Thigh-BootsThere is just something so sexy about black leather thigh boots. I was going through My extensive collection of costumes, lingerie and sexy clothing and I came across this pirate costume that I haven’t worn in ages. The corset/bodice pushes My full breasts UP and I love all the white satin on the sleeves. I paired it with black fishnets and tight, black leather booty shorts. (Towards the very end of the video, I left a scene in where My boyfriend and I were laughing about My ‘dilemma’…..My fishnets got caught in the zipper of one of My boots and I was ‘stuck’. He decided to keep recording anyway!)

Smothered to Death

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129-Smothered-to-Deathyou are SO fucking WORTHLESS. your life, serves no purpose. you don’t even deserve to breathe. Which is why it is going to make it so much easier to k1ll you. And I know exactly how I’m going to do it. It seems only fitting that you d1e by your little fetish for My nice round ass. And I don’t want this to be quick and painless. I want you to suffer and struggle, I want it to be uncomfortable. So first I am going to do a few ‘test runs’, just to get you gasping for air. And then…..I won’t be getting up again until I have smothered your last breath out of you! No pulse, no heartbeat, nothing…..  

This clip made it to #1 in the Ass Smothering category: