Servitude #243

New:   Servitude #243

A new month, new instructions, something to keep you busy this first week. “Do it for Me”, I tell you and you will. Because you never knew how erotic it could be to have someone else control your pleasure…..until you met Me. Dressed in a luxurious, liquid satin robe, and black, sheer pantyhose, you love to watch and listen. Listen as I tell you what you will be doing and what you won’t!

French Maid Strip

One of My older clips is now in My store:  French Maid Strip

489-French-Maid-StripThis clip is from 2012 and was shot for My old lingerie paysite. I start out wearing a (very sexy!) vinyl French Maid costume with black rhinestone seamed pantyhose, sheer ruffled panties over, strappy high heels and black lace fingerless gloves. Eventually everything gets removed except for the pantyhose. Since there is topless nudity in this clip, the price is higher. Naturally.

(This was Bonus video #80)

This $100 clip made it to #1 in the Maid Fetish category: