Servitude #283

New:   Servitude #283

I’m stringing you along this month, little by little. Keeping you wondering what I have in store for you next. I will tell you this…..I’ve been itching to deny you for a long period of time. you need that and I want that. And just look at Me…’ll give Me anything I want…..

Servitude #243

New:   Servitude #243

A new month, new instructions, something to keep you busy this first week. “Do it for Me”, I tell you and you will. Because you never knew how erotic it could be to have someone else control your pleasure…..until you met Me. Dressed in a luxurious, liquid satin robe, and black, sheer pantyhose, you love to watch and listen. Listen as I tell you what you will be doing and what you won’t!

Eager to Stroke

New:   Eager to Stroke

I think it’s fair to say that sexual frustration is not a state desired by most men. But you, are not most men. you were looking for something different, something to make your orgasms more intense and orgasm denial is the key. It doesn’t matter that I’m just going to deny you today, you are always so eager for any opportunity to stroke to My voice, My body, My encouraging words…..

Mounting Frustration

New:   Mounting Frustration

After 8 days of denying you a release, it’s not enough. No matter how horny and frustrated you are, it’s NOT enough. I’m here to guide you, to tease you, to push your frustration to the next level. As My slave, you know the only option is to obey, no matter how full your balls are, no matter how much you ache for a release…..