Eager to Stroke

New:   Eager to Stroke

I think it’s fair to say that sexual frustration is not a state desired by most men. But you, are not most men. you were looking for something different, something to make your orgasms more intense and orgasm denial is the key. It doesn’t matter that I’m just going to deny you today, you are always so eager for any opportunity to stroke to My voice, My body, My encouraging words…..

Mounting Frustration

New:   Mounting Frustration

After 8 days of denying you a release, it’s not enough. No matter how horny and frustrated you are, it’s NOT enough. I’m here to guide you, to tease you, to push your frustration to the next level. As My slave, you know the only option is to obey, no matter how full your balls are, no matter how much you ache for a release…..

Stroke for Nothing

New:  Stroke for Nothing

(If you are following My Aug 2017 Masturbation Schedule….this is perfect for Aug 8th or 9th.) Sometimes I tell you to stroke and I surprise you with a release on a day I previously told you that you weren’t cumming. But not today. I’m totally clear on the fact that you are NOT CUMMING today. you’ll stroke purely to build up that ever mounting frustration and make those balls ache even more…….

Erotic Sexual Denial

New clip:  Erotic Sexual Denial

Do you remember when you used to be able to cum whenever you wanted? It’s been awhile. Things are much different now, since I’ve taken control. you don’t need to cum all the time. In fact, it’s much better if you don’t. And it took Me, training you in orgasm denial, to get you to appreciate that fact. Sure you could try and go back to the way it was before, but your orgasms would suffer and your cock wouldn’t get as hard. That’s what I’ve done to you……you need MY control.

3 day Cocktease Task

Buy it, try it:   3 day Cocktease Task

Denial, frustration, on edge all day after day, desperate for a release = just what I want. Sure I enjoy denying males orgasms, but it’s even more fun to whip them into a horny frenzy, while they are denied and make them REALLY want that orgasm. I have a 3 day regimen for you where I detail when you will stroke, how you will stroke and for how long. Test yourself…..how long will it take before I get you to that state where all you can think about is cumming……

Already #1…(not surprising though)