Servitude #164

New:   Servitude #164

In this clip:  My chastity goals for you in 2020, a 7 day task, that thing I mentioned in Servitude #160 is ready and I have it for you, something from October 2019 and a couple of opportunities for good boys. Plus, you know….hot lingerie, FF stockings, ample tits and cleavage, My nice round ass, strappy high heels….

Cuckold in Chastity

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65-Cuckold-in-ChastityThis is a continuation of My ‘Mistress Jessica’s Cuckold‘ video. I’ve decided to make a change to our cuckold relationship. I no longer want you jerking off to the details of My sex life. This isn’t about you and what gets your worthless little dick hard. So I’m going to assure that doesn’t happen anymore. I am putting you in a male chastity device. That’s right, I’m locking your cock up! And from now on, I’ll be controlling your stroking. I will decide when you cum, how you cum and IF you cum. And sometimes I’ll just tease you with absolutely no release at all. I show you how the cock cage will go on, some things to consider, the keys I hold and at the end I give you a task. 1280×720