Yellow Nylon Panties

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These yellow nylon panties inspired Me to go through My lingerie and find as much matchy-matchy yellow nylon as I could. So in addition to the yellow full-cut panties (aka granny panties…  lol), I wore a vintage half slip, (too tight!) camisole and robe. So much silky nylon! As usual, I model My panties in the most tempting ways. Ways that keep panty boys like *you* addicted.  😉

Stare at My Panties

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I start out this video asking you a question….”If I were to give you a pair of My worn panties, what would you do with them?” I give you two options. Then I show off My silky nylon string bikini panties from an array of angles. Even if I don’t give you My panties, these intimate views will always be so incredibly arousing to you.

Panty Obsession

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A new year but the same old obsession for you, because nothing excites you more than panties. you’ve maybe tried to quit, but you always come back to this fetish. Especially when My panty teases are always just so irresistible…  (Preview is censored, the clip is not)

Servitude #355-Cocktease Challenge level 10

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The finale. After so much endless stroking, you have finally made to the end of this “little” challenge. If you can just get through these last 8 minutes, I will utter that one word you have been waiting for Me to say….. (I decided to combine level 10 and the “reward” clip into this one clip). But were you actually able to make it all the way through?

Servitude #334-Profitable Panties

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Every panty clip of Mine is like a dream come true for a panty addict like yourself. And there are so many like you. When I open My legs, you see panties and I see dollar signs. Because every pair of panties and every panty clip is just easy money. I know I hold all the power. I know all the views that trigger you, all the right words to say and it’s just SO easy.

Servitude #317-Panty Weakness

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I excel in panty eroticism, but you already know this. That’s why you come back again and again and again. My panty videos are irresistible. Just watching the animated preview image has you hard. Imagine what the clip with do…..

Lifelong Panty Lover

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In this clip I’m wearing so much yummy nylon on My body. A vintage lace trimmed,  lavender nylon full slip, a white lace 4 strap garter belt, very silky nylon full/hi cut panties, lilac Full Fashioned stockings and of course, high heels.

you’ve had a thing for panties for as long as you can remember. What if I said “No more panties”? Would you give them up? Could you give them? Maybe you’ve already done the whole bingeing and purging thing before and you just can’t free yourself from silky, nylon, cock-stiffening PANTIES. But this love of panties is also your greatest fear…..of being discovered…….

Mint Panty Close-ups

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I really love shooting panty tease clips, and it shows. Lots of panty play in this clip and some intimate angles and close-ups, which is why I priced it a little higher. Fans of MY panty clips will LOVE this teasing and erotic panty clip!

Day 8 of Chastity

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How many times have you looked down at your cock and realized it really isn’t yours anymore? And every time you are filled with a mixture of excitement and dread. I know if you weren’t locked in chastity that you’d be stroking away like mad because it was those exact thoughts that you used to jerk off to before you were locked up. you wanted to experience that total loss of control, even though it scared the hell out of you….it also made you rock hard. And here you are, living that reality now. Since you know how much I enjoy it when you suffer for Me, I’ve decided to give you a little something to take your frustration to the next level…….

(NOTE:  This is the last clip in this series.)