Servitude #238

New:   Servitude #238

I decided to go for a full on vintage vixen look today. Underneath everything I’m wearing a pair of pantyhose for some nylon layering. Over that I have on a bright blue lace panty girdle with the 4 garter straps holding up My vintage Full Fashioned nylons. A white satin bustier, a lace trimmed nylon half slip, a sheer vintage robe, white satin gloves and iridescent high heeled mules complete My look. As I show off everything I’m wearing, I sensually and teasingly encourage you to stroke. Preferably with something silky wrapped around your cock as you do so.

I know you want to

New:   I know you want to

…you could finish that sentence with various things, none of which will ever happen. But there is ONE thing that frequently happens in your world and that is your hand gliding up and down your cock. Stroke, stroking, jerking off, masturbating, whatever you want to call it. It doesn’t matter what time of day it is or what you’ve got going on, I know you *always* want to….STROKE!

It’s so much better when….

New:  It’s so much better when….

.. I’m encouraging you to stroke for Me and even better when I tell you to cum. I know how much you enjoy it….watching Me and hearing Me instruct you to stroke. And I look so deliciously sexy in these shiny pantyhose, gold platform heels and hot bikini top that it will be so easy to….  (Note: Ignore the bit in the clip where I say “one orgasm”, if you have your June 2018 Masturbation Schedule, you know what you get on June 4th).

I love it when I post a clip, go to bed, wake up the next morning and it’s already #1 in that category! ?