Servitude #171

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you just accomplished one of the major denial goals that I had for you for 2020. slave obedience always pleases Me. So today I guess you can think of this as a little reward. A guided masturbation clip with a cum countdown. It will be so easy once you feast your eyes on My gorgeous lace trimmed sheer babydoll and tiny lace cheeky panties. (The preview image is censored, the video is not).


Servitude #163

New:  Servitude #163

CBT is in the cards for you today! There will be some stroking, some slapping and some cumming? Well, I don’t know about that last one as you’ll have to do exactly what I say to get that orgasm. Do you think your cock can handle what I have in store for it? Let’s find out!

I know you want to

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…you could finish that sentence with various things, none of which will ever happen. But there is ONE thing that frequently happens in your world and that is your hand gliding up and down your cock. Stroke, stroking, jerking off, masturbating, whatever you want to call it. It doesn’t matter what time of day it is or what you’ve got going on, I know you *always* want to….STROKE!

25 to 1

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I have a long countdown for you today and you are going to show Me how well you can hold that cum in your balls until I allow you a release. Listening to My words, eyes locked on My movements, following My instructions and waiting……

Cum on Command

Can you do this?   Cum on Command

466-Cum-on-CommandAs apart of your ongoing cock training, there are always things I’m going to expect you to try. And cumming when I command is one of them. I’m going to build you up to it so you’ll be ready to explode but you have to control your cock and not cum until I say. Can you do that? Let’s find out……

This clip made it to #1 in the Cum Countdown category:


Red Metallic Tease and Denial

you’ve been waiting for it, and now it’s finally here….. Red Metallic Tease and Denial

201-Red-Metallic-Tease-and-DenialIt’s time for another lesson in COCK CONTROL. From now on, you will only stroke when I say, how I say and IF I say. So strip down and start stroking, but NO cumming. My outfit is a little skimpy today, but I figured it’s the perfect thing to wear for a little TEASE and DENIAL. Who knows….maybe you’ll get lucky today, maybe I’ll let you cum…. 😉 I’m going to give you a little scenario that I want you to visualize while you stroke for Me. And while you are picturing it, I want you to get close to the edge. I think I’m going to let you cum today. I’m going to give you a cum countdown and you are not to cum until I say ONE. 10….it’s all about cock control…..9….it’s so much better this way, ME controlling your stroking…..8……7……6…..5……do I let you cum?