Servitude #239

New:   Servitude #239

A deprived dick cums so much harder than one that gets to cum all the time. That’s something you learned with My training. And an orgasm guided by your Mistress is the best way to cum. you don’t need My encouragement to stroke, but you love it. Teasing you in My stockings, little pink lace panties and satin lingerie. Making you prolong the pleasure just a bit longer. It’s always worth the wait……

Servitude #171

New:  Servitude #171

you just accomplished one of the major denial goals that I had for you for 2020. slave obedience always pleases Me. So today I guess you can think of this as a little reward. A guided masturbation clip with a cum countdown. It will be so easy once you feast your eyes on My gorgeous lace trimmed sheer babydoll and tiny lace cheeky panties. (The preview image is censored, the video is not).

Home from Work

New:   Home from Work

It feels so good to come home from work and relax. Maybe you change into something more comfortable, get something to drink and turn on the television. But eventually you sit in front of your computer, looking for something to stroke to, just like you are now. you know it’s so much more enjoyable to jerk when a sexy Woman is encouraging you to do it rather than by yourself. After spending all day working hard, you can’t wait to come home and indulge in your favorite past time. And I know you want to stroke for Me. But if you do, that means I control that cock of yours and you’ll do exactly what I say…..

you would do it

New:   you would do it


Do you really need this? Me, encouraging you to masturbate? Something we both know you do all the time anyway. No, you don’t, but you really enjoy it. And I know what else you’d really enjoy. But would you be willing to do anything for it? Listen to Me describe what it is. And you know what….I know you would do it!

(This is My 814th clip, not My 815th. I labeled the file 815 instead of 814).

Cum Quick

NEW in My Clips store today:   Cum Quick

240-Cum-QuickStart stroking! Because today, you are going to cum QUICK, or you’re not going to cum at all. And while you’re stroking, you are going to be staring at My nice round ass. you are not going to know when I decide to stop, and when I do, if you haven’t cum, you aren’t going to get to today. you know I don’t like to let you cum, I much rather you SUFFER for Me. But today I’m being rather generous. After you see My sexy little panty clad ass in your face, I somehow don’t think cumming QUICK will be a problem….