Baby Blue Slip Panties

NEW clip posted:   Baby Blue Slip Panties

290-Baby-Blue-Slip-PantiesThis is one of those EVERYTHING type of clips. There is vintage lingerie, Fully Fashioned stockings, slips, legs, panties, lingerie layers, garters, legs, high heels, skirt lifting, stocking tops, and it’s just a classic lingerie glamour clip. I *am* the QUEEN of lingerie and so these type of clips are always amazing for lovers of lingerie! I’m wearing yummy nylon lingerie, a lacy half slip and camisole, and underneath I’ve got on a garter belt and little blue slip panties which fit Me like a glove. In the beginning of the clip, you can see My slip panties and garter straps right through My thin white slip. The rest of the video I show off everything I’m wearing in My usual sensual style.

Lavender Petticoat and High Heels

Lavender Petticoat and High Heels

148-Lavender-Petticoat-and-High-HeelsMy first clip of 2014! In this video I’m wearing a sheer blouse over a lacy lavender bra, a lavender petticoat, full fashioned stockings, and very high platform heels. My petticoat is sheer and you can see my garter belt, garter straps, panties and stocking tops right through the material. There is some nice leg footage in this clip as I like to show off My shapely legs in My seamed stockings and high heels. I even removed the petticoat at one point as to not obstruct the view of My legs and panty ass. A great legs, stockings, panty ass, high heel and petticoat tease clip!

Losing it for My Legs

Open up that wallet!

Losing it for My Legs

182-Losing-it-for-My-LegsI am quite clear about the fact that the only thing I am interested in is your MONEY. And the only reason I take even a remote interest in your kinks and fetishes, is so I can exploit them for My own personal gain. How much is enough? It’s NEVER enough. I will continue to milk you until you are dry and your wallet is empty. So you tribute $100. That’s nothing. $200. That’s a little better, but I know you have more. And I will use your weakness for My nylon clad legs to get what I want from you. I’ll never stop tormenting you. I’ll push you to the edge, make you suffer for My pleasure. I want it ALL.

Seamed Stocking Trample

Seamed Stocking Trample  (**This clip was removed from My store, see this blog post as to why.)

121-Seamed-Stocking-TrampleI haven’t reposted any of My old trample clips, so I figured it was about time. This one is from 2006 and shot in 640×480 standard definition. In this clip, I’m wearing a pair of black Fully Fashioned stockings (seamed) and a very sexy pair of D’Orsay pumps. I started out with a couple of jumps and then moved on to doing throat stands in just my nylon feet. Next I did some face standing on the side of trampleguy’s face and some jumping too! (you can even see my polished toenails through the stockings!) There’s a little bit of nylon toe sucking, as well as eye gouging, some more throat standing, and face standing. After a camera angle change, you get to see more of My legs, stockings and high heels. I dig My heels into one of his nipples and do a few jumps on his chest. The I jump up (from the ground) onto his face! (nylon feet only! lol) Going through this clip, it’s mostly face standing and jumping, more close-up views than full slips and lots of stocking FEET.

Heels, Corset and Gloves

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61-Heels-Corset-and-GlovesAll dressed up in some exquisite fetish clothing….   This clip has: long satin gloves, strapless bra, black lingerie, black satin corset, black panties, black Fully Fashioned stockings, 6 inch high heels, cleavage, legs, ass, glove fetish, and stocking feet in heels.

Stocking Connoisseur

With My love of seamed stockings and unqiue vintage stockings, I would most definitely call Myself a….. Stocking Connoisseur

107-Stocking-ConnoisseurI collect rare and unique vintage stockings and I’m wearing a pair from My collection in this video. I show you the vintage packaging, the welt imprint and what is so special about them. Then, for the rest of the video, I show them off, as well as My legs, silky vintage nightgown, cleavage, garters, stocking tops, toes, nails and high heels.

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