MJA5: Red Full Slip

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(This clip is from 2005 and is Standard Definition video)

Another one of My earliest clips. I’m wearing a red vintage (Dixie Belles) full slip with accordion pleating on the hem and bodice. And on My legs I have on a pair of gray Full Fashioned stockings and black high heeled mules. The camera zooms in a couple of times to give you closer views of My slip and stockings but it’s full views of Me in this clip. 

7 inch High Heel Mules

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The highest heels I own! A brand new gift from a slave. The heels are so thin, a true stiletto heel! I walk a bit in them and show them off from all sorts of angles. With the heels I’m wearing a pair of diamond heel Full Fashioned stockings, garter belt, panties, a vintage bustier and long satin gloves.

12 Garter Straps

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This garter belt isn’t practical, with all of those straps. But then neither is the corset I’m wearing or the thin stiletto heels. Which is exactly why I LOVE dressing in such clothing. Pure dress-up fantasy and fetish. All of those garter straps are holding up My contrasting seam and welt Full Fashioned stockings and framing My panty-clad ass so nicely. As My hands glide over My body and legs you are held captive by My every movement…..

Ruin it for My Panties

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I know how much you love seeing Me in panties and today, you are going to do something for that privilege. Today, you are going to have a release without pleasure, you’ll get to cum…without it feeling good. you are going to RUIN your orgasm for My panties. Let’s get started……

Nylon Thighs to Toes

Only available in My Loyalfans store    (This clip was removed from My C4S store)

It all begins at the hips, where the bare flesh meets with the stocking tops and garter straps. From My thighs, to My knees, calves, ankles and feet, all encased in thin nylon stockings. you get to see and appreciate My legs in so many different angles in this clip. The way only a true stocking connoisseur knows how to show them off! (Preview is censored, clip is not. Priced higher as the slip bodice was a bit sheer!)

Servitude #352-Cocktease Challenge level 7

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See how beautifully I’m dressed? In all these layers of sheer lingerie? Well I’m going to talk about that today while you stroke, among other things. Things learned over the years about male arousal and My sensual explorations…..

Shimmery Peach Full Slip

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A slip is such a practical piece of lingerie. It’s function is to be worn under a dress (a full slip) or a skirt (half slip) if the material is too thin and you don’t want your bra and panties showing through. A slip isn’t meant to be seen, unlike a lacy babydoll or a slinky nightgown. But I think this shimmery nylon full slip should be seen along with all other sexy lingerie I’m wearing….. (Priced a little higher due to some erotic teasing views not shown in the preview).

Panty Evolution

Only available in My Loyalfans store

Blah, blah, blah, blah, you’ll buy it anyways. Come on now. you know what to expect from MY panty clips by now and you fucking LOVE them! Do you even read the description anyway? Well on the off chance you do, the title should give you a hint. Let’s (and I mean ME) talk about how you got this way (and how you’ll *never* change)…..

This clip made it to the overall Top 50 as well!

Nylon Trap

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I know that when you see My strong and shapely legs in beautiful seamed stockings, your cock immediately gets hard. you are powerless to the effect these nylon legs have on you and naturally, I use that to My advantage. Always.