MJA5: Red Full Slip

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(This clip is from 2005 and is Standard Definition video)

Another one of My earliest clips. I’m wearing a red vintage (Dixie Belles) full slip with accordion pleating on the hem and bodice. And on My legs I have on a pair of gray Full Fashioned stockings and black high heeled mules. The camera zooms in a couple of times to give you closer views of My slip and stockings but it’s full views of Me in this clip. 

Pink Apron and Panties

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The vintage chiffon apron I’m wearing is so pretty–it looks like lingerie. So it’s only fitting that I treat it as such and wear it with silky pink panties, full fashioned stockings and garters, a satin bustier and vintage chiffon robe. I know you want to watch Me so sensually show everything off…..

This clip also made it to the overall top 50 clips on the main page of Clips4Sale:

Elegant Stockings and Heels

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473-Elegant-Stockings-and-HeelsI’m wearing a pair of black full fashioned stockings with a striking design on the back. With the stockings I have on a new pair of designer heels and together the two make for an eye-catching combination. What goes best with FF nylons? A figure hugging pencil skirt and satin blouse, of course. The way I carry myself, the graceful way I cross and uncross My legs or how My hands sensually glide over My body….always has you entranced. THIS is how stockings should be worn and shown off. But that’s not all I reveal. Towards the end of the clip I unzip My skirt and let it slide down My legs. The last two minutes are a sexy little show of My shapely derrière clad in black lace panties.

The stockings and heels were gifts from the professor.

Less than 24 hours later….this clip made it to #1 in the Garter & Stockings category:


Entranced by Lingerie

New clip:  Entranced by Lingerie

439-Entranced-by-LingerieClip after clip, again and again….you can’t get enough of Me in My lingerie. I capture your attention in My dazzling array of intimate apparel……slinky nightgowns, lacy panties, satin gloves, sheer stockings, robes, slips, babydolls, teddys, and so much more. But it’s how I wear it, My sensual movements and arousing words that work their magic on you. Keeping you entranced and coming (back) over and over again…..

This clip made it to #1 in the Lingerie category:


Take Two

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418-Take-TwoThis clip was shot sometime in 2013 and was for My old lingerie paysite. Except for My lace garter belt, everything else I’m wearing is sheer. Sheer robe, My slip is pretty transparent, sheer bra, sheer panties and sheer full-fashioned stockings. Through out the video I remove everything I just mentioned until I end up in the buff, holding up My slip against My body for a bit of modesty. (Side note: It’s amazing to see how much BETTER My videos have gotten in the span of 3 short years!)

This clip has made it up to #4 in the Lingerie category, which isn’t bad for a $74.99 clip!


Glamour, Gloves and Girdle

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227-Glamour-Gloves and GirdleWithout Me, your fetish is rather boring. I bring your fetish to life, with My glamourous outfits and sensual moves. I embody your fetish, I AM your fetish. And you can not get enough….you watch as My satin gloves caress My stocking legs, My satin girdle, My curves, My full breasts and you are enchanted and completely under My spell….

This clip made it to #1 in the Glove Fetish category:



Sexy Stroll

In My clips store….  Sexy Stroll

184-Sexy-StrollA classic outdoors stocking video from 2005! The quality isn’t as good as My clips now, it was shot in standard definition-640×480. This video was shot on one of My visits to England. It starts out in the car park of a local shopping mall, and you can see other people walking past. The focus is greatly on My stocking clad legs and the oh-so-sexy seams up the back. you are behind Me for a good portion of the video, watching Me walk. I tried to lift up the hem of My skirt a few times but I kept getting interrupted! I did eventually;y lift up My skirt to flash My panties while I was standing on the overpass and I know I made one motorists day! lol I also sat down on the bench and gave you a peek up My skirt at My panties while I was adjusting My garter straps. (Or suspender straps….depends what side of the pond you are on!) FULLY FASHIONED STOCKINGS–BLACK PATENT HEELS–TIGHT SKIRT–VISIBLE PANTY LINES–GARTER STRAPS SHOWING THROUGH SKIRT–LACY SLIP–SKIRT LIFTING–FLASHING–UPSKIRT–PANTY PEEKS

Stocking Stroking

A sexy new clip in My clips store today:  Stocking Stroking

217-Stocking-StrokingToday we are going to play a little game. When I am stroking My stockings, you are going to stroke your cock. But when My hands are off My stockings, your hands are off your cock. So start stroking, and watch Me. One of your favorite things is just to watch Me. Midway through the video I cross My legs, dangle My high heel off My foot and order you to stroke to the rhythm of My dangle. Towards the end of the video, after teasing you throughout, I tell you that you are going to cum for Me and I give you a cum countdown. VINTAGE STOCKINGS–GARTERS AND STOCKINGS–OPEN BOTTOM GIRDLE–SHOE DANGLING–MASTURBATION ENCOURAGEMENT–JOI–CROSSED LEG FETISH–CUM COUNTDOWN–NYLON STOCKING TEASE

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Cum on My Panties and Lick them Clean

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117-Cum-on-My-Panties-and-Lick-them-CleanI know how much you want a pair of MY worn panties, being the total panty pervert that you are. And, well, today is your lucky day. I am *finally* going to give you a pair of My worn panties. But, there is just one little caveat……you have to CUM on My panties, AND (of course there is an AND!)….you have to LICK them clean. That’s right. If you really want a pair of My precious worn panties, that’s what you are going to have to do. Lick your own disgusting man jizz off of MY panties, that is the ONLY way I’ll give you a pair. Yeah, I knew you’d do it. Well, you better start stroking then and get yourself close to cumming and watch Me and listen to what I have to say. As you get closer, I take off My panties and hold them up for you to smell. Then I instruct you to cum in the crotch and I give you a cum countdown. After you’ve blown your icky load all over My pretty panties, I hold them up to your mouth and order you to get your tongue out and LICK THEM CLEAN. Then I laugh and shake My head in disgust about what a total panty obsessed FREAK you are! PANTIES–LINGERIE–GARTERS and STOCKINGS–HUMILIATION–LACY FULL SLIP–HIGH HEELS–PANTY FETISH

This clip made it to #1 in the Panty fetish category: