Coral Satin Gloves

My newest Glove Fetish clip:   Coral Satin Gloves

322-Coral-Satin-GlovesI have so many pairs of long satin gloves. I think I own a pair in every color imaginable. Today I’m wearing a brand new pair of coral satin gloves. I went through My wardrobe and couldn’t find anything that really went with them. But I know something that goes well with everything!  😉   Typical glove GLAMOUR from your SATIN GLOVE Mistress. Feed your fetish and buy ALL of My satin glove videos:

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Glamour, Gloves and Girdle

NEW in My clips store:  Glamour, Gloves and Girdle

227-Glamour-Gloves and GirdleWithout Me, your fetish is rather boring. I bring your fetish to life, with My glamourous outfits and sensual moves. I embody your fetish, I AM your fetish. And you can not get enough….you watch as My satin gloves caress My stocking legs, My satin girdle, My curves, My full breasts and you are enchanted and completely under My spell….

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This clip made it to #1 in the Glove Fetish category:



And you’ll never get away….

Trapped in my glamourous web. Go on, TRY. Maybe you even have. But you always come back. Because, you know (and of course I know) that I have what you need. What you crave. I don’t do it for you. Don’t be silly. you know what I think of you. I do it for ME. Always ME ME ME. But do I enjoy the effect it has on you? Of course I do. I like to make weak men, even weaker. you see Me, you WANT Me, you desire me. But you will never, EVER have Me. Ever. Still, I feed your addiction. I tease, taunt and torment you. Knowing exactly what it does to you. Good thing your frustration doesn’t kill, or I’d be deadly……



Which do you prefer: Pantyhose or Fully Fashioned Stockings?

Well today I give you BOTH!

Here I am wearing a pair of tan pantyhose with a vintage 1980’s low-cut teddy:

Mistress-Jessica-on-her-bed-in-pantyhoseAnd here I’m wearing some gorgeous lingerie with sheer panties and fully fashioned stockings:

Mistress-Jessica-in-fully-fashioned-stockingsIn my members area, I wear a variety of hosiery–FF stockings, vintage nylons, pantyhose, fishnets, RHT stockings, lace top stockings, stockings with unique designs on them and I sometimes forgo hosiery all together for a smooth bare leg look!

Elegant Tease

Here’s your Tuesday Tease! A few still images taken from one of my recent video updates. The black satin gloves and stylish black veiled hat added a dash of class to my black seamed nylons and high heeled pumps.

I ended up getting a run in my Fully Fashioned stockings and was not too happy about it. But what can you do?

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