Glamour, Gloves and Girdle

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227-Glamour-Gloves and GirdleWithout Me, your fetish is rather boring. I bring your fetish to life, with My glamourous outfits and sensual moves. I embody your fetish, I AM your fetish. And you can not get enough….you watch as My satin gloves caress My stocking legs, My satin girdle, My curves, My full breasts and you are enchanted and completely under My spell….

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Pink Satin Lingerie

Finally got around to wearing the Pink Ostrich trim robe from Secrets in Lace and the newly acquired Pink Satin Full Slip, also from Secrets in Lace.

Pink Satin Lingerie

208-Pink-Satin-LingerieI just love lingerie and dressing up. And of course seamed stockings and high heels. The pink satin full slip I’m wearing is just so YUMMY. The satin is silky smooth and shiny. I’d bet you’d love to rub your hands all over it. Can you imagine what it would feel like on your…..?! My seamed nylons really show off My shapely legs and My sheer white panties look so good on My nice round ass. Sensual lingerie tease….

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Nylon Legs and High Heels

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11-Nylon-Legs-and-High-HeelsI do love My stockings and in this video I’m wearing a pair of vintage RHT (reinforced heel and toe) stockings with peep-toe high heeled pumps. I have My heels practically in your face and then decide to remove them to reveal My nylon soles. I let you look at My heels up close and you can even seen My pretty polished toe nails through the nylon material. I slip one of My feet out of My high heel and then slide it back in, pumping My heel in and out of My shoe a few times. Towards the end of the video, I strip off My stockings, revealing my barefeet and legs.

Stocking Connoisseur

With My love of seamed stockings and unqiue vintage stockings, I would most definitely call Myself a….. Stocking Connoisseur

107-Stocking-ConnoisseurI collect rare and unique vintage stockings and I’m wearing a pair from My collection in this video. I show you the vintage packaging, the welt imprint and what is so special about them. Then, for the rest of the video, I show them off, as well as My legs, silky vintage nightgown, cleavage, garters, stocking tops, toes, nails and high heels.

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Lingerie Temptation

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101-Lingerie-TemptationI know you can’t resist Me in all of My various types of lingerie, stockings and high heels. So DON’T. Instead, buy this clip and indulge yourself. Devious metal heeled high heels, wicked black dotted stockings, sinfully sexy satin bustier and gloves, and a sweet little pink garter belt and pretty black lace panties. Feet, heels, stockings, legs, cleavage, full breasts and a seductive smile will lure you in! (Oops!! I almost forgot about the sheer black & white vintage half slip I’m wearing as well!)

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Garter Panty Slip

Garter Panty Slip… in My clips store!

199-Garter-Panty-SlipI’ve been collecting vintage lingerie for years and I’m always looking for unique pieces to add to My collection. And this garter panty slip all-in-one fits the bill. I’m wearing a vintage strapless bra and vintage seamless stockings with it. The nylons slip is so soft and you can see My panty line and garter straps right through the thin material. Slips are probably one of the most feminine undergarments ever. Watch as I show off all of the little details of everything I’m wearing.

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Stocking Leg Worship

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Today you are going to worship and adore My sexy stocking clad legs. I know all about your fetish for legs and how hard it gets you. It’s almost as if My legs hold this power over you. So shapely and strong and the seamed stockings only accentuate My curvy legs even more. Watch Me cross and uncross My legs, rub My hands over My nylons, show off My seams, dangle My high heel, reveal My stocking tops and garter straps and flaunt My sexy round ass in your face!

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Stockings, Girdle and Heels

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164-Stockings-Girdle-HeelsIs there anything sexier than stockings and garters? (Worn with high heels of course!). Nylon hosiery that goes from the tips of My toes, all the way to the tops of My hose–in this case, My thighs. I’m wearing a rare vintage pair in this video clip that are seamless and have a design up the side of each leg. Holding up My stockings are 6 metal garter clasps that are attached to My open bottom girdle.