Mandolin Heel Stockings

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This clip was shot back in 2012 for My old lingerie paysite and it’s such a great stocking, panty and lingerie video! I’m wearing a very rare pair of vintage full fashioned stockings in this clip. The slingback heels show off the stocking design the best. Although I remove the heels for parts of the videos and you get to see My nylon soles. There is some really great panty footage in this clip (especially the upclose views) that I was almost going to post this in the panty fetish category instead. Either way, you will enjoy this clip!

I did a blog post about these stockings back in 2012. And back when I had My paysite, I had mentioned in the members area that I found these SAME stockings on the MET’s website. How cool is that?! I told you these were rare! CLICK HERE to view that screenshot.

(This was Bonus Video #63.)

Speaking of Bonus Videos….I remember the last few months of having My paysite and some guy from the UK joined and he was trying to get ME to sell him ALL 120 of MY bonus videos to him for $100. HA HAHA  HAHAHAHAHAHAHA  *AND* he was acting like it was a good deal for Me. Are you fucking kidding ME?  Have I mentioned about a hundred times how much I disliked running a paysite??  And that yucky cheap paysite mentality?? Oh, yeah, I did…..

Blackfoot FF Nylons

Another oldie clip:   Blackfoot FF Nylons

498-blackfoot-ff-nylonsIn this clip I’m wearing a pair of vintage FF (Full Fashioned) stockings with contrasting black seams and black foot reinforcements. Also in this clip…leg crossing, shoe removal, panty peek, hand in stockings, polish toenails through stockings, nylon soles, stocking tops and garter straps, nail tapping and black leather. (This clip was shot back in early 2013 for My old lingerie paysite).

(This was Bonus Video #117)

This clip made it to #1 in the Garter & Stockings category:

bffn-no1#2, 3 & 5 are also My clips.

Vintage Dotted Heel Stockings

From the archives…..   Vintage Dotted Heel Stockings

428-Dotted-Heel-nylonsA short, little glamourous stocking clip from 2007! On My legs are a pair of My rare fancy foot vintage stockings. With them I’m wearing a silky blue evening dress, long satin gloves and animal print mules. And underneath My dress, you get a glimpse of My open bottom girdle and the lace from My half slip makes an appearance too.

This clip made it to #1 in the Garter & Stockings category:


Elegant Tease

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236-Elegant-TeaseIf you love legs in Fully Fashioned stockings, you are going to love this clip. I am wearing an elegant fitted skirt suit with black seamed stockings, heels and black satin gloves. I walk up and down the stairs, show off the back of My seamed nylons and cross and uncross My legs. As I’m sitting on the stairs, you can see right down My top at My ample cleavage. I hike up My skirt to reveal My white lacy half slip (which you see peeking out at other times in the video) and to show you My 8 garter straps on My garter belt. And you also get a nice view of My shiny white nylon panties. While I was shooting this video, I ended up getting a run in one of My stockings! I wasn’t happy about it and decided there was only one thing to do…….destroy them! So towards the end of the video, I slipped off My black satin gloves and used My finger nails to puncture a hole into My stocking and RIP them to shreds. (This clip was shot back in 2012)

Update:  This was Bonus Video #51.

Lavender Petticoat and High Heels

Lavender Petticoat and High Heels

148-Lavender-Petticoat-and-High-HeelsMy first clip of 2014! In this video I’m wearing a sheer blouse over a lacy lavender bra, a lavender petticoat, full fashioned stockings, and very high platform heels. My petticoat is sheer and you can see my garter belt, garter straps, panties and stocking tops right through the material. There is some nice leg footage in this clip as I like to show off My shapely legs in My seamed stockings and high heels. I even removed the petticoat at one point as to not obstruct the view of My legs and panty ass. A great legs, stockings, panty ass, high heel and petticoat tease clip!

Garter Panty Slip

Garter Panty Slip… in My clips store!

199-Garter-Panty-SlipI’ve been collecting vintage lingerie for years and I’m always looking for unique pieces to add to My collection. And this garter panty slip all-in-one fits the bill. I’m wearing a vintage strapless bra and vintage seamless stockings with it. The nylons slip is so soft and you can see My panty line and garter straps right through the thin material. Slips are probably one of the most feminine undergarments ever. Watch as I show off all of the little details of everything I’m wearing.

More about the items I’m wearing in THIS BLOG POST.

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