Glamour Calves

New:  Glamour Calves

Sure I could show off My calves with bare legs, flip flops (yuk!!) and casual clothing, but why? you see that everywhere, every day. I much rather adorn My legs with fancy vintage stockings and gold, jeweled high heels while wearing satin lingerie and gloves and glittering jewelry. Plus I like the combination of strong, shapely legs and feminine attire and you just like to stare…..  😉

Dangle and Stroke

Watch and wank: Dangle and Stroke

140-Dangle-and-StrokeToday we are going to play a little game called Dangle and Stroke. When I dangle My heel heeled shoe, you are allowed to stroke. When I stop dangling, you stop stroking. Kinda of like a bit of tease and denial. Watch My gold D’Orsay peep toe pump dangle off My nylon toes as I tell you what to do. Notice the rhythm when I PUMP My heel off My foot? Towards the end of the clip I give you a cum countdown from ten. Can you hold out till I get to ONE? DANGLING–MASTURBATION INSTRUCTION–CROSSED LEGS–HIGH HEELS–FULLY FASHIONED STOCKING–LINGERIE–JOI–LEGS

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