Servitude #254

New:   Servitude #254

Total eye candy. From the tips of My polished toe nails all the way up to My glossy lips. Satin, lace, stockings and (almost) 6 inch strappy heels. My shapely legs in lilac full fashioned nylons, My perfectly pedicured feet perched in the highest heels and My nice round ass in a little pair of panties. Me: utterly feminine, you: totally enchanted.  I mention some recent tributes and then I have some cock control instructions for you for the next week.

Fuchsia High Heeled Mules

New:  Fuchsia High Heeled Mules

I love beautiful HIGH heels, the highest I can walk in. Which for Me is just a little under 6 inches. Look at how lovely My arches look and how dainty My feet are in these high heeled mules. Of course they look even better when worn with navy Full Fashioned stockings and a vintage full slip.

(THESE are the heels I showed you in THIS blog post. Yeah, I’m still disappointed in them and even more so in the reply I received from someone from Italian Heels–I comment about that in the clip. But these were a gift and so I wanted to show them off anyway.)

Walking in High Heels

New:   Walking in High Heels

I start out wearing a gold strappy pair of (almost) 6 inch heels with a tiny platform, walking back and forth. Then I change into a 6 inch heel peep-toe pump with a 1 inch platform. Finally I walk in a pair of (almost) 5 inch mules that make a slapping noise on My soles when I walk.

The Highest Heels

New clip:   The Highest Heels

My calves look especially defined in this clip. I’m wearing a gorgeous new pair of custom made 6 inch heels that were a gift from one of My loyal slaves. Really high heels put Me almost on My tip-toes and really show off the curves of My shapely calf muscles. And of course I’m wearing My signature full fashioned stockings because I just love those sexy seams up the back of My legs. Another hot calf worship clip!

(The heels were from My dirtylittlepervert and the stockings from the professor)