The Highest Heels

New clip:   The Highest Heels

My calves look especially defined in this clip. I’m wearing a gorgeous new pair of custom made 6 inch heels that were a gift from one of My loyal slaves. Really high heels put Me almost on My tip-toes and really show off the curves of My shapely calf muscles. And of course I’m wearing My signature full fashioned stockings because I just love those sexy seams up the back of My legs. Another hot calf worship clip!

(The heels were from My dirtylittlepervert and the stockings from the professor)

High Heeled Mistress

New clip:  High Heeled Mistress

My first pair of custom-made 6 inch high heeled shoes!! These were a recent gift from one of My devoted boys and I absolutely LOVE them. The majority of this video is Me walking in these heels, mostly full views, but also some low angles and close ups. And the rest of the clip is Me showing off the heels from all different angles. I’m wearing a gorgeous pair of Full Fashioned stockings on My legs as I think stockings and heels just go together. And the shiny blue satin babydoll I’m wearing matches the blue glitter heels perfectly.

**These heels were a gift from My dirtylittlepervert! LOVE them!! ?

Metal Spiked 6 inch High Heels

Another older clip posted to My clips store:  Metal Spiked 6 inch High Heels

490-Metal-Spiked-6-inch-High-Heels(Shot back in 2012 for My old lingerie paysite.) These red patent 6 inch heels with metal stiletto heels are too ridiculously high to walk in. So in this clip I stand and sit, showing them off along with My black mini skirt and pantyhose covered legs. The last minute of the clip I show you My bare soles and My matching manicure and pedicure (not shown in the preview image).

(This was Bonus Video #84)

Heel Show

New clip posted:  Heel Show

320-Heel-ShowThis clip was shot back in 2005 for My (now closed) lingerie paysite. It’s too sexy too keep in the archives so I thought I’d post it to My clips store for high heel fans. I try on a few different pairs of heels in this clip and talk about the different styles and heel heights. Most of the heels I’m wearing have 6 inch heel heights. This was shot in Standard Definition and the video is 640×480 in size. (NOTE: I do NOT do requests/customs. In this clip, I say in the beginning that it was a request, but this was shot years ago.)  Love high heels and legs? Also check out My Mistress in High Heels and Sexy Spiked High Heels. Both very hot heel clips!!

Heels, Legs and Lingerie

NEW in My clips store today:  Heels, Legs and Lingerie

244-Heels-Legs-and-LingerieThese heels are so sexy that I am wearing and extremely high too–6 inch heels without a platform. They go perfectly with My hot pink lacy nightgown. Legs, heels and lingerie–what a perfect combination. Usually I prefer to wear seamed stockings, but in this clip, you will worship My silky BARE legs. So strong and shapely with My feet arched to the extreme in My hot pink high heels. If you were My leg slave, I tell you about the things you might be able to do, and the things you WISH you could do!

Dangerous Heels

Posted in My clips store today:  Dangerous Heels

237-Dangerous-HeelsThese black leather, 5 and 1/2 inch metal heeled mules are wickedly dangerous. The peep toe shows off My polished toenails and My high arches. I model the heels before dropping a piece of Styrofoam on the floor to pierce with My heels. Granted, I rather sink My heels into male FLESH (and have)! In this clip you’ll watch as I dig My heels into the Styrofoam over and over again and at one point, both of My heels are ‘stuck’. This clip is from 2008 (back when I thought I was going to do a foot fetish site) and is shot in Standard Definition (640×480).

High Heel Show

High Heel Show

189-High-Heel-ShowFrom 2006, this clip was shot in standard definition. Before I began a trample session with trampleguy, I though I’d show off a few pairs of My high heels. I try on, walk around in and model 4 different pairs of heels in this clip: a gold pair of mules, blue 6 inch heeled pumps, leopard print mules and gold strappy high heeled sandals. All while wearing a lovely pair of Fully fashioned stockings with contrasting black feet and seams.

Caught watching My dangling Heels

Caught watching My dangling Heels

80-Caught-watching-My-dangling-HeelsI have you come over to My house to give Me a quote on some work on My basement. I have some paper work to do and tell you where the basement is. After you are downstairs, you glance upstairs at Me, unnoticed, as you see that I’m dangling one of My high heels off of my toes. Once you are back upstairs again, you give Me a price for the work to be done, but it’s much too high. I try to see if you’ll go lower and make a suggestion but I notice you seem to be distracted. You keep looking at My FEET! Finally, I ask you what you are looking at, as there is nothing under the table. Then it dawns on Me that you are one of ‘them’. One of those guys who are into FEET and you can’t seem to take your eyes off of My dangling heels. Obviously I decide to use this to My advantage to get you to lower the price. I dangle one heel, cross my legs, dangle and drop My other heel and even do a double dangle. All while talking to you about dangling and enticing you to give Me a better price. But did you get the job? 1280×720

Dangle from different Angles

Dangle from Different Angles

91-Dangle-from-different-AnglesSince My first shoe dangle clip sold fairly well, I decided to do another one. This time I shot from different camera angles. I’m wearing an elegant dress, stockings and silver high heeled pumps. My heel drops off my toes a couple of times and one time I scoop it up with my toes and continue dangling without skipping a beat. Towards the end I dangle both heels at the same time before sexily letting each one drop to the floor.