Nylon Stockings, Slip and Panties

New:  Nylon Stockings, Slip and Panties

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A classic Mistress Jessica clip with the focus on My stockings, heels, panties and lingerie. This is how it all started way back in 2003/2004. I put My love of dressing up in these things out on the Internet and I never expected there to be so many like minded people who enjoyed the same things.  What a nice surprise!  😉

Vintage White Full Slip

Another from the archives:   Vintage White Full Slip

(This clip was shot back in 2012 for My old lingerie paysite.) I’ve always had a way of making vintage lingerie look so appealing. I bring a feminine allure to the way I wear and show off such items that makes it all so sensual to watch. Underneath My silky vintage full slip I wore a white lace bra, pink and white garter belt and silky pink panties. The garter straps hold up a beautiful pair of contrast seam and foot FF nylons. High heels on My feet, pearls around My neck and a smile on My face. Priced higher due to an erotic flash of flesh towards the end.

(This was Bonus Video #42.)

Entranced by Lingerie

New clip:  Entranced by Lingerie

439-Entranced-by-LingerieClip after clip, again and again….you can’t get enough of Me in My lingerie. I capture your attention in My dazzling array of intimate apparel……slinky nightgowns, lacy panties, satin gloves, sheer stockings, robes, slips, babydolls, teddys, and so much more. But it’s how I wear it, My sensual movements and arousing words that work their magic on you. Keeping you entranced and coming (back) over and over again…..

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Pussy Tease

New clip:   Pussy Tease

353-Pussy-TeasePussy. you are so obsessed with that one little area between My legs. What’s it look like, taste like, smell like….. Well maybe today is your lucky day. I take off My panties in this clip, but will I let you see anything? With just My hand covering My most sacred spot, maybe I’ll allow you a quick peek? Or maybe not.  It’s so easy to tease you with something you want so badly……

This clip made it to #1 in the Pussy Worship category:


In the Flesh

New Slip Fetish clip:   In The Flesh

246-In-the-FleshI start off wearing a sheer white vintage robe over My nude-colored full slip, but it soon comes off. I inform you that I’m not wearing anything under My slip….no bra, no panties. I like to tell you that because I know you’ll then be hopeful that you’ll get to glimpse something you shouldn’t. Do you really think I’d let that happen? No. But I do tease you HARD in this clip and at the end of the clip, you’ll know why it’s called In the FLESH.

Panty Fixation

NEW clip today: Panty Fixation

229-Panty-FixationWhat is it about panties that just drives some men wild? Getting a little peek, a glimpse of something you shouldn’t be looking at. Something as harmless as lifting up My slip and flaunting My panty ass gets you so hard. Of course I use your weakness against by showing off My panties from different angles. The lengths that you have gone to to look up a woman’s dress or skirt, just to get a thrilling look at a panty-clad pussy. you love panties….seeing them, touching them, wearing them, but most of all, jerking off into them. Yeah, I know all about your little panty perversions…

This clip made it to #1 in the Panty Fetish category:


Slip Compilation 1

Slip Compilation 1

In this clip you get to watch Me model FOUR different slips–two full slips and two half slips. I tell you right in the beginning that I’m not wearing any panties or bras with any of the slips. I just like the feeling of the soft nylon material against My bare skin. The first slip I’m wearing is a shiny beige full slip. I bet you’d love to rub your hands all over My slip clad body. Next I’m wearing a white full slip with a lacy bodice. I decide to remove the slip by sliding the straps down My shoulders and pulling the bodice down around My waist. Looking for nudity? The most you’ll see in this clip is a bit of side boob. The third slip is a mocha colored shiny nylon half slip, which you mostly see up close views of. And then the last slip I show off is a shiny yellow, lace trimmed half slip. Which I model tastefully topless. 🙂

194-Slip-Compilation-1This clip is currently the #1 clip in the Slip Fetish category:

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