MJA16: Black FF Nylons

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The video starts with you peeking into my bedroom as I’m sitting on the edge of my bed. I talk to you and tell you about the Black Full Fashioned nylons I received as a gift. Then the camera comes in very close so you can see me slip them over my pretty painted toe nails and slowly pull them up my legs. I stop to adjust the seams and then clasp them to my garter belt. I put on the other stocking and then my high heel shoes and my black nylon full cut panties–all done with the camera very close! I finish off the video with some more full length views as well as teasing you with the sound of my nylon legs rubbing together.

MJA6: Changing Stockings

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(This clip is from 2005 and is Standard Definition video)

This clip begins with Me unclasping My metal garter clasps holding up My Taupe colored Full Fashioned stockings. I slide one of the nylons off My leg, put on a pair of hosiery gloves and open up a new package of Black Full Fashioned stockings. I carefully put one stocking on, making sure the seams are straight and then remove the other Taupe colored stocking and put on the other black one. There are a few zoomed in views of My stocking tops, garter straps and sheer red panties. The clip ends with some nice back views of My FF nylon legs and sexy panty ass.

Nylon Niche

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I’ve been wearing stockings for over 20 years now, usually Full Fashioned stockings–my favorite. With My very first pair, I was hooked! REAL stockings are not stretchy and need a garter belt to hold them up. Then are thin, delicate and can be easily ruined if one is not careful. But every time I wear them (on My very shapely legs), I feel like I am wearing something truly special. And you can tell, from My MANY stocking videos, that I am a Woman that really enjoys and appreciates the little details of the nylon niche. All the way from My stocking tops and garter straps down to My nylon clad soles.

Panty Obsession

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A new year but the same old obsession for you, because nothing excites you more than panties. you’ve maybe tried to quit, but you always come back to this fetish. Especially when My panty teases are always just so irresistible…  (Preview is censored, the clip is not)

10 Garter Straps

New:  10 Garter Straps

10 garter straps is a bit excessive when it comes to regular wear, but all those straps do look quite sexy. My 10 white garter straps hold up My lilac Full fashioned stockings. Leather high heels, tiny lavender panties, a satin bustier, long satin gloves and glittering jewels complete My glamourous outfit. A very sensual stocking and garter clip….not to mention many views of My beautiful backside! 😉

Stocking Stroking

A sexy new clip in My clips store today:  Stocking Stroking

217-Stocking-StrokingToday we are going to play a little game. When I am stroking My stockings, you are going to stroke your cock. But when My hands are off My stockings, your hands are off your cock. So start stroking, and watch Me. One of your favorite things is just to watch Me. Midway through the video I cross My legs, dangle My high heel off My foot and order you to stroke to the rhythm of My dangle. Towards the end of the video, after teasing you throughout, I tell you that you are going to cum for Me and I give you a cum countdown. VINTAGE STOCKINGS–GARTERS AND STOCKINGS–OPEN BOTTOM GIRDLE–SHOE DANGLING–MASTURBATION ENCOURAGEMENT–JOI–CROSSED LEG FETISH–CUM COUNTDOWN–NYLON STOCKING TEASE

Vintage FF Nylons and Nightgown

Lingerie and stocking tease at it’s finest!

Vintage FF Nylons and Nightgown

78-Vintage-FF-Nylons-and-NightgownAnother video showcasing one of My rare and unique pairs of vintage Fully Fashioned stockings. This time I wear them with a nightgown with a slit all the way up the thigh–very sexy! If you love feet, legs, painted toenails and nail art, high heels, seamed stockings, long painted finger nails, garters, cleavage, nylon soles and toes, nightgowns and of course ME–then this clip is for you! 

Addicted to My Nylon Legs

Addicted to My Nylon Legs

90-Addicted-to-My-Nylon-LegsI know you can’t get enough of My shapely legs clad in nylon. And I just keep feeding your addiction by making more and more clips! In this video I’m wearing a pair of vintage stockings that are so very sheer–they only have toe reinforcements. They are extra special and rare, because of the embellishments on the top of each foot. Under My dress I’m wearing an open bottom girdle and a silky half slip. Part way through the video I change into a pair of hot pink 6 inch high heels! STOCKING TOPS — GARTERS — NYLON LEGS TOES SOLES CALVES — HAND IN STOCKINGS –HIGH HEELS — SLIP — GIRDLE –SKIRT LIFTING

Stocking Connoisseur

With My love of seamed stockings and unqiue vintage stockings, I would most definitely call Myself a….. Stocking Connoisseur

107-Stocking-ConnoisseurI collect rare and unique vintage stockings and I’m wearing a pair from My collection in this video. I show you the vintage packaging, the welt imprint and what is so special about them. Then, for the rest of the video, I show them off, as well as My legs, silky vintage nightgown, cleavage, garters, stocking tops, toes, nails and high heels.

Limp Dick Loser

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After our date, I invite you over to My house and up to My bedroom. I rub my hands all over my satin blouse with a teasing look in My eyes. I undo one of the buttons and I tell you to get comfortable, take off your pants and underwear and to start stroking your cock for Me. I undo another button and reveal My bra and cleavage, but I noticed you aren’t hard. I tell you that I’m going to get some sexy lingerie and I’ll be right back.

55-Limp-Dick-LoserWhen I come back, I show you a few things I picked out to see what you like. But after seeing that you are still soft, My demeanor quickly changes and I demand to know what’s going on with your limp dick! I make it clear that you are the ONLY man that’s been in My bedroom and couldn’t get it up. So it’s clearly not Me. So what is it? Are you gay? You aren’t one of those freaky fetish guys, are you? Oh wait…..are you a virgin? You have been with a woman before, right? Well then what’s the problem?! Ticked off, I give you two choices: ONE–I can tell every woman I know (including some of your co-workers) about what a disappointment you are in the bedroom. And believe Me, women LOVE to humiliate men about such things. Kiss your future dating life GOODBYE. Or….TWO: I shoot a little video of you jerking your limp dick. Just for Me of course. You take the video option. As I record you, I tease you about playing with your flaccid cock and ask you if you’re doing it right. Then I verbally humiliate you and make you repeat things into the camera. A limp dick loser like you can NEVER sexually satisfy a woman!