Sexy Silver Sandals Try-on

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This video footage is actually from 2005 and from one of My old trample videos (which won’t be reposted to any of My clip stores). In this clip I change from a bronze colored pair of high heeled mules into these silver high heeled sandals with jeweled straps. I’m wearing shiny pantyhose and you can clearly see My perfectly polished toenails throughout the clip. I’m sitting down while I put them on and then I stand up and model them. (you briefly see My face in the beginning of the clip). This was originally shot in Standard Definition and so not as clear as My current Hi-Def clips. But if you love pretty feet in pantyhose and high heels, I think you’ll enjoy this!

Stocking Soles

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Something as simple as removing My shoes has gotten your complete attention. you love to stare at My soft soles and perfectly polished toes encased in sheer nylon stockings. Watching Me scrunch soles and spread My toes, it’s as if you are transfixed by the movements of My feet…..

Red Toes and Nylon Soles

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From 2008, I shot this for a foot fetish site I never got around to doing. The title and preview image pretty much show you what to expect in this clip.

(I added this clip to the Trample (related) list of clips).

Pretty Pink Toes

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175-Pretty-Pink-ToesAnother video from 2008, shot in standard definition (640×480), for a foot fetish site I was going to start. As you can tell from the preview images, lots of BARE FEET and TOES in this clip! I start out rubbing lotion on My bare feet and posing My feet with pointed toes, scrunched soles, side views and up close views. I put on a pair of pink lace foot rings, a toe ring on each toe and an ankle bracelet and continue to show off more of My feet! BAREFOOT–POLISHED TOE NAILS–FOOT JEWELRY–LOTION ON FEET–TOE POINTING–SCRUNCHED SOLES

My Sexy Calves

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21-My-Sexy-CalvesI’ve always had strong, shapely calf muscles and since I workout on a regular basis, they are quite toned. I show off my calf muscles standing and sitting. When I stand in my high heeled mules, you can also see my high arched feet. I point and flex my feet to show off my calves, I even gently slap my calf muscle but they don’t jiggle much because they are so strong and toned. Also in this clip….short mini skirt, bare legs, a little bit of bare feet and high heeled mules. 1280×720

Green Heel Dangle

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174-Green-Heel-DangleI shot this video back in 2008 for a foot fetish site I was going to start. It’s shot in standard definition (640×480). I’m wearing a pair of emerald green sequined low-heeled pumps in this clip that I dangle off of My bare feet and toes. My toe nails are polished a pretty pink and I’m wearing a couple of ankle bracelets. My bare legs are crossed as I dangle My pump off of My big toe. I recross My legs and dangle My heel some more and eventually it drops off My toe. I wiggle My toes and show off My pink soles and the tops of My feet and polished toenails. I cross My legs to the other side wearing just one shoe and dangle it. That shoe drops and then I show off more of My soles and more toe wiggling.

Feet in Black Fishnets

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125-Feet-in-Black-FishnetsI prop My feet up on the table and remove My high heels. I tell you that I know how much you enjoy look at MY feet. I show you My fishnet covered soles and wiggle My toes. I show off My lavender toe nail polish and talk about the way My feet smell (wonderful!) and how they sometimes get a little sweaty when I wear nylons and pumps. I point, flex, touch, rub, and show off My fishnet feet in this clip.

Pantyhose Workout

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168-Pantyhose-WorkoutWatch Me as I stretch and move in My pantyhose and legwarmers. See My toned and shapely legs in various poses. Under My pantyhose I’m wearing a pair of pink lace panties, and over My pantyhose, a sheer, pink ballet skirt. Get a glimpse of My panties when I’m doing leg lifts and then I raise My skirt for a better view. I’m wearing a pink lace bra under My sheer pink top as well. You also get a peek at My blue polished toe nails and pantyhose feet and soles!