Disappearing clip…

I’ve had a little problem with My “How far will you go? -Part 4” clip on Clips4Sale.

It’s currently #1 in the Financial Domination category (still):

disappearing-clip-1But throughout the day the clip will randomly disappear from the list and then reappear again:

disappearing-clip-2And strangely enough, this same clip isn’t always showing up in My store either:

disappearing-clip-3disappearing-clip-4I’ve contacted Clips4Sale about the problem and their programmers are working on it. Just thought I’d mention that if you were one of the people who aren’t seeing this clip in My store either. The direct link works just fine: “How far will you go? -Part 4” to buy it, but it’s just not always appearing in My store.

10 Day Masturbation Control

Tomorrow morning…

10 Day Masturbation Control
It’s time for Me to take control of your cock again. First there was My 5 Day Masturbation Schedule and this time it’s 10 days of masturbation control. you need a strict stroking schedule to prevent you from jerking off whenever you feel like it. After all, control the cock, control the man. Listen as I tell you what you will be doing every day, how you’ll be stroking and when you’ll be cumming. Can you do it?


134-10-Day-Masturbation-ControlBuy it and DO it!

If you are new to masturbation control, you should start out with My “5 Day Masturbation Schedule” clip.

Shooting a couple more videos tomorrow. Finally going to wear that gorgeous Lavender Satin Robe!!

And if you didn’t buy the “Baby Blue Satin Robe” clip, you should go DO THAT NOW.

105-Baby-Blue-Satin-Robe*sigh*  SO glamourous.  Love, love, LOVE!



105-Baby-Blue-Satin-RobeSo remember back when I mentioned this robe HERE. And then, I showed you the robe here when I received it. Well, the video will be posted in MY CLIPS4SALE store tomorrow. Yeah, I priced it a little higher than normal but you are LUCKY to even see Me in it at all! I was thinking of only shooting the video for GloveJim, as he’s the one who bought me this, because most of you cheap WANKERS are sooooo unworthy of seeing Me in gifts OTHERS have given to Me.

*sigh* I LOVVVVVVVVVVVVEEEE this robe. I wear stuff like this SO perfectly!  🙂


For the pantyboy and sissyboys out there….

Scheduled to post tomorrow morning:

Panty Pervert Blackmail 2

64-Panty-Pervert-Blackmail-2I will most definitely be making this an ongoing series of clips as I just have too many ideas to fit into just a few clips. Basic premise is, I am blackmailing you into being My little panty bitch. If you watched the first clip, you know the details. Now that I own your ass, I’ve decided I’m going to start using you and you have no idea what you’re in for……

bannerShooting a few more clips tomorrow, not sure what yet, but I have a few ideas. I am leaning towards shooting that Cuckold in Chastity clip, but you’ll just have to wait and see!

Heel Insertion, Ball Piercing and More….

Scheduled to post tomorrow morning:

Heel Insertion, Ball Piercing and More

63-Heel-Insertion-Ball-Piercing-and-moreIt is probably one of the most extreme clips I have ever shot. And the preview image above is nothing compared to the clip as the audio is great! Yup, there’s blood and yelling in agony, not Mine of course!  haha   And there are always those that see this stuff and think it’s fucked up and it is, in a way, but consensual nonetheless. It got to the point where we were always trying to top the previous clips we shot and so this clip has heel insertion, ball piercing and tack heel ball torture as well.  This clip was done back in 2007 and was in my original Clips4Sale store that I had a few years ago. It was really during the time that I shot these videos that I explored My sadistic side. SSC?  What’s that?  haha  No, everything was consensual, and as safe as could be, just not sure about the SANE part of things…..


Clips, hair and fetish book

Shot some new clips today and will be shooting a few more on Friday. Posted this one today:

Sissy Task #4

58-Sissy-Task-4-Cummy-PantiesI actually shot that clip a couple of days ago (different outfit and location) and I disliked the lighting on it, so I re-shot it today. Picky, I am.

And this clip I’m uploading at the moment and it will be scheduled to post in the morning:

Two Minute Tease-Two Minutes to Cum

59-Two-Minute-Tease-Two-Minutes-to-CumYou know what you have to do….


And I can no longer stand My hair!!!!!  I just saw My stylist like 2-3 weeks ago and I’m seeing her again this week to get more blonde highlights and just do SOMEthing with My hair. I think I need a few layers or something. I just have TOO MUCH FUCKING HAIR FOR ONE PERSON!!!!!!!!!!!

I thought I’d pass along this book from My fetish library:

My-other-self-bookIt covers quite a few different fetishes, although it doesn’t go that in depth on some of them, more like an overview, but still a worthwhile book to have.

I have yet to find a book that covers online domination, which I’m a bit surprised in our internet obsessed world that we live in. There are many books available on real time (face to face) BDSM, but online is completely different. I could probably write a whole blog post on this topic but I’ll save it for another day as I need to catch some Z’s.