1. a woman who has authority, control, or power, especially the female head of a household, institution, or other establishment.

2. a woman employing, or in authority over, servants or attendants.

3. a female owner of an animal, or formerly, a slave.

4. a woman who has the power of controlling or disposing of something at her own pleasure: mistress of a great fortune.

5. (sometimes initial capital letter) something regarded as feminine that has control or supremacy: Great Britain, the mistress of the seas.

6. a woman who is skilled in something, as an occupation or art.

7. a woman who has a continuing, extramarital sexual relationship with one man, especially a man who, in return for an exclusive and continuing liaison, provides her with financial support.


One ME, many you, NO sex, but lots of $$$$.

Came across THIS and the mention of Courtly Love.

From the Wiki page: “a love at once illicit and morally elevating, passionate and disciplined, humiliating and exalting, human and transcendent“.

Hmmm……. things for you to ponder….

Mistress Jessica’s Cuckold

I’ve decided I’m going to make you My little cuckold. My financial cuckold. Let’s face it, you are never going to satisfy Me sexually. Only a REAL MAN can do that. A man like My boyfriend. So your job is going to be to buy Me lingerie that I am going to wear for HIM, sheets that I am going to lay on with him, sexy little dresses I am going to wear out with him and anything else I dream up. I tell you that I’m getting ready to go out to dinner with him and what we’ll be doing later. And how you’ll be sitting at home, all alone, masturbating to the thought of what I’ll be doing with My man.

you watch Me spray on perfume and you wonder what I smell like. Knowing only MY MAN will ever be that close to Me.

Mistress-Jessicas-cuckold-1I rub lotion on My soft skin and shapely bare legs. Legs that will soon be wrapped around My man as he’s…..

Mistress-Jessicas-cuckold-4Can you imagine being lucky enough to buy ME beautiful, sexy, and naughty lingerie? Of course, you’d never see Me in it, only HE would get that pleasure.

Mistress-Jessicas-cuckold-2My nice full breasts, of which you only get a glimpse. Tonight his hands will be all over My 34D breasts…and you will be pathetically wanking to the idea of such an image.

Mistress-Jessicas-cuckold-3Watch and listen as I describe what I expect from you as My cuckold:

Mistress Jessica’s Cuckold

Polished Pink Fingernails

That’s right. A video clip devoted to just My beautiful hands and nails, as you need to appreciate every single part of Me. Listen as I tap My nails on glass. Watch as I lace My fingers together. And just enjoy My graceful hand movements.

2-Polished-Pink-Finger-NailsMesmerized by My beautiful hands and pink polished nails, sexual thoughts run through your mind. Imagining what it would be like to see such hands wrapped around a…….

Stare and stroke, while watching the video clip.

Mistress Jessica’s Fetish Clips

And you’ll never get away….

Trapped in my glamourous web. Go on, TRY. Maybe you even have. But you always come back. Because, you know (and of course I know) that I have what you need. What you crave. I don’t do it for you. Don’t be silly. you know what I think of you. I do it for ME. Always ME ME ME. But do I enjoy the effect it has on you? Of course I do. I like to make weak men, even weaker. you see Me, you WANT Me, you desire me. But you will never, EVER have Me. Ever. Still, I feed your addiction. I tease, taunt and torment you. Knowing exactly what it does to you. Good thing your frustration doesn’t kill, or I’d be deadly……



Glamour Personified

Me-black-glamouryou know it. you’ve tried to search elsewhere, but you always come back to Me. Why? Because you have never been able to find such a perfect embodiment of all things feminine and glamourous. And you crave that. It turns you to putty, I know that. My videos are addictive because of the graceful way I move, the looks I give you that make you melt, and My amazing collection of lingerie, stockings, heels and glamourous outfits. Try as you might, but you’ll never get away….