Cuckold in Chastity

Cuckold in Chastity

65-Cuckold-in-ChastityThis is a continuation of My ‘Mistress Jessica’s Cuckold‘ video. I’ve decided to make a change to our cuckold relationship. I no longer want you jerking off to the details of My sex life. This isn’t about you and what gets your worthless little dick hard. So I’m going to assure that doesn’t happen anymore. I am putting you in a male chastity device. That’s right, I’m locking your cock up! And from now on, I’ll be controlling your stroking. I will decide when you cum, how you cum and IF you cum. And sometimes I’ll just tease you with absolutely no release at all. I show you how the cock cage will go on, some things to consider, the keys I hold and at the end I give you a task. 1280×720

Mistress Jessica’s Cuckold

I’ve decided I’m going to make you My little cuckold. My financial cuckold. Let’s face it, you are never going to satisfy Me sexually. Only a REAL MAN can do that. A man like My boyfriend. So your job is going to be to buy Me lingerie that I am going to wear for HIM, sheets that I am going to lay on with him, sexy little dresses I am going to wear out with him and anything else I dream up. I tell you that I’m getting ready to go out to dinner with him and what we’ll be doing later. And how you’ll be sitting at home, all alone, masturbating to the thought of what I’ll be doing with My man.

you watch Me spray on perfume and you wonder what I smell like. Knowing only MY MAN will ever be that close to Me.

Mistress-Jessicas-cuckold-1I rub lotion on My soft skin and shapely bare legs. Legs that will soon be wrapped around My man as he’s…..

Mistress-Jessicas-cuckold-4Can you imagine being lucky enough to buy ME beautiful, sexy, and naughty lingerie? Of course, you’d never see Me in it, only HE would get that pleasure.

Mistress-Jessicas-cuckold-2My nice full breasts, of which you only get a glimpse. Tonight his hands will be all over My 34D breasts…and you will be pathetically wanking to the idea of such an image.

Mistress-Jessicas-cuckold-3Watch and listen as I describe what I expect from you as My cuckold:

Mistress Jessica’s Cuckold

Getting ready for Him

Tomorrow’s clip: Getting Ready for Him

What are you doing in here? Did you really think you could hide in My bedroom and I wouldn’t notice? Yeah, I know you’d love to watch My boyfriend fuck Me, but it’s not gonna happen. He’s going to be here soon and you are going to have to leave. I just need to pick out a sexy little outfit to wear for him later. I’m going to greet him at the door in this feminine robe and nightgown set, but I want to change into something naughtier later. Maybe I’ll wear this crotchless, open cup teddy which will show off My D-cup breasts nicely. He loves My breasts and the way they bounce up and down when I’m……. I know you jerk off to the thought of hearing HIM get ME off and wishing you could see……


Chastity and masturbation control

First things first, this clip is posting tomorrow morning:

Cuckold in Chastity

65-Cuckold-in-ChastityMale chastity and cock control. While I have played around with tease & denial and orgasm control, I can honestly say, I have never locked a slave in chastity before. (Or as I like to call it “penis prison”) It’s something I am interested in, but only as a part of a total slave training program. I am not interested in chastity or cock control as stand alone kinks.

Can you imagine, what it would be like to lose control of your own cock? To know you can no longer jerk off whenever it suits you? To know that WHEN you cum, HOW you cum and IF you cum, will all be decisions you will no longer make? To be teased to the verge of cumming, only to be told to stop and lock your cock back up again. To go days without an orgasm, even weeks or MONTHS? How long could you go before you are begging for release? Begging to do ANYTHING to cum? Anything.

Who can possibly explore this with Me? Good boys who know that it’s all about pleasing Me and not about their pathetic little pee-pees. Those who have that deep desire to serve and they know their purpose in life.