Leaving My Mark

New:   Leaving My Mark

you see My pretty polished nails and you dream about them dragging across your flesh or being wrapped around your cock perhaps. Well I have something else in mind…….I want to leave nice red marks all over your body, clawing you up, digging in My nails and leaving MY mark all over your flesh…….

Polished Pink Fingernails

That’s right. A video clip devoted to just My beautiful hands and nails, as you need to appreciate every single part of Me. Listen as I tap My nails on glass. Watch as I lace My fingers together. And just enjoy My graceful hand movements.

2-Polished-Pink-Finger-NailsMesmerized by My beautiful hands and pink polished nails, sexual thoughts run through your mind. Imagining what it would be like to see such hands wrapped around a…….

Stare and stroke, while watching the video clip.

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