Coral Satin Gloves

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322-Coral-Satin-GlovesI have so many pairs of long satin gloves. I think I own a pair in every color imaginable. Today I’m wearing a brand new pair of coral satin gloves. I went through My wardrobe and couldn’t find anything that really went with them. But I know something that goes well with everything!  😉   Typical glove GLAMOUR from your SATIN GLOVE Mistress. (Priced a bit higher because of the topless handbra in part of the clip)

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Seduce and Destroy

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45-Seduce-and-DestroyTo think it all started with a couple of clips and now it’s a growing obsession. But I expect that. Men are weak, ruled by their cocks. As a skilled seductress, I know exactly how to manipulate men for My own selfish intentions. You can’t resist Me and that’s exactly how I planned it. Making you crave Me more and more with each video clip. Using that to My advantage to get everything I want from you. Tempting you more and more into your downward spiral, financially draining you and then moving on to My next victim once I’ve ruined your life. 

Surrender to Mistress Jessica

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120-Surrender-to-Mistress-JessicaThere’s something we need to discuss today and that’s your little religious hang-ups and how it’s interfering with your worshiping ME. I know you are struggling with guilt and shame because are married and yet lusting after, and masturbating for ME. And I find it really amusing that you’ve actually PRAYED about this. What did you pray for? To be able to resist My temptation and your sinful desires? Yeah, that’s not working so good is it? haha Not even your religion can save you when it comes to Me! But don’t worry, I have the perfect solution…… (note: a man’s name is mentioned once in this video, towards the end).

Fantasy to Reality

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I talk to you in my soft, seductive voice while making eye contact and slowly stroking My stocking legs. I know you’ve been buying up all of My financial domination clips and jerking off to the idea. And yet you still haven’t taken that first step. What are you afraid of? How much it will turn you on? Getting addicted to that feeling? It’s time you take that first step. Tribute, and make yourself known to Me. It’s time for you to start down that path of making this fantasy a reality. It’s time for you to start serving ME.
132-Fantasy-to-RealityThis clip made it to #1 in the Financial Domination category:

Carnal Desires

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LUST–one of the seven deadly sins and I am always feeding your insatiable lust for ME with My video clips. your willpower is WEAK when it comes to sins of the flesh. With My LIPS and NAILS painted a nice RED and my curves barely contained in a very sexy nightgown, a wicked smile on My face and a twinkle in my eye, I lead you into sensual TEMPTATION.