Surrender to Mistress Jessica

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120-Surrender-to-Mistress-JessicaThere’s something we need to discuss today and that’s your little religious hang-ups and how it’s interfering with your worshiping ME. I know you are struggling with guilt and shame because are married and yet lusting after, and masturbating for ME. And I find it really amusing that you’ve actually PRAYED about this. What did you pray for? To be able to resist My temptation and your sinful desires? Yeah, that’s not working so good is it? haha Not even your religion can save you when it comes to Me! But don’t worry, I have the perfect solution…… (note: a man’s name is mentioned once in this video, towards the end).

Black Velvet Temptress

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Here you are again. Back to feed your craving of seeing ME in long gloves. Well today I thought I’d wear a pair made out of a different material than satin. Today I’m wearing a pair of long black VELVET gloves. And I have to say, they are quite nice and feel really good. They go perfectly with the slinky, low-cut black velvet gown I’m wearing. Tell Me, who else knows about your little fetish for gloves? I bet I’m the only one who knows your little secret. Would you like to touch them? Touch my velvet gloved hands and arms.