your pain is My pleasure

Posted in My clips store today: your pain is My pleasure

197-your-pain-is-My-pleasureAre you ready? Ready for a little cock and ball torture? First you are going to need a few items: shoelaces, or a thin rope, a hairbrush, a candle, nipple clamps (or clothespins), lube, and a dildo (or some phallic object). And then you will have to strip naked and start stroking to get yourself hard for the first step. In this 20 minute clip I will guide you through some CBT, nipple and ass play. My sweet voice, big blue eyes and wicked little smile will tease you throughout. I love it when you moan in pain. I want you to suffer for Me. Feed My sadistic side by torturing your most sensitive parts! I know you’ll want a release afterwards and today, I’m actually going to let you cum. But ONLY if you do it exactly as I say.

Received a $200.00 tribute from the professor recently.

And My most recent sissy task video made it to number one in the sissy training category:


Lingerie Heartbreaker

Tomorrow morning in My Clips4Sale store…..

Come take a peek into My boudoir and see what My boyfriend gets to see all the time: Me, dressed in beautiful lingerie. I have a knack for picking out feminine and sexy lingerie and in the video I tell you about some of the things I like to wear for HIM. This gown I’m wearing in this video is just gorgeous. Lots of yummy pink nylon make up the skirt and the bodice is low-cut pink lace, which shows off a bit of side boob and cleavage. I give you a few peeks at My pretty lace panties I’m wearing underneath and show off My sexy bare legs and high heels.


Cock Standing and Crushing…

An older clip from 2007, this will be in My Clips4Sale store tomorrow morning….

157-Cock-Standing-and-CrushingAnother one of My older trample clips, this one is from 2007. This clip is exactly what the title says–Me, wearing high heels, standing on tramplguy’s cock and balls. It was shot from 3 different angles: a full view (head to toe), a closer view shooting down and then an up close view of My heels crushing his junk. I stood using My full body weight and did a few small jumps and twists and a surprise stomp at the end! I will warn you now–I laugh a lot in this video. I love to joke around and tease trampleguy when he’s groaning in pain. So if you prefer a stone-faced Domme who doesn’t enjoy herself in a trample session, you might be put off by that. (I think I told trampleguy at one point in the clip “you have THREE balls now!” Oops!…..haha)

I’m hoping to get the NEW clip posted Sunday morning, then another older trample clip posted Monday morning and planning on shooting a couple of new clips on Monday. So, hopefully a NEW clip on Tuesday morning.

And you’ll never get away….

Trapped in my glamourous web. Go on, TRY. Maybe you even have. But you always come back. Because, you know (and of course I know) that I have what you need. What you crave. I don’t do it for you. Don’t be silly. you know what I think of you. I do it for ME. Always ME ME ME. But do I enjoy the effect it has on you? Of course I do. I like to make weak men, even weaker. you see Me, you WANT Me, you desire me. But you will never, EVER have Me. Ever. Still, I feed your addiction. I tease, taunt and torment you. Knowing exactly what it does to you. Good thing your frustration doesn’t kill, or I’d be deadly……



Full Slip Fantasy

In C4S My store…Full Slip Fantasy
Another Slip clip to add to your collection! This time I’m wearing a beige vintage full slip from Vassarette with full fashioned (seamed) stockings, sexy panties and a lace garter belt. I know how addicted you are to seeing Me in slips. It’s such a feminine item and you have such a weakness for them. Come, indulge your fetish. Let Me show you how sexy slips are!