Panty Pervert Blackmail 2

The story continues with Panty Pervert Blackmail 2

64-Panty-Pervert-Blackmail-2This clip is a continuation of my original Panty Pervert Blackmail clip….. In this clip, I call you over to My house and tell you that since I now own your ass, it’s time for Me to start using you. After I collect your ‘Naughty pantyboy payment’ from you, I tell you that you will be wearing stockings and panties today. From now on, you will be wearing what I dictate, in My presence. I order you to strip, turn around, bend over and do something humiliating. You resist at first, until I get in your face and make the situation clear to you. You do as your told and then I order you to come next to My bed and get on your knees. I tell you to massage My feet and as you do so, I tell you about the conversation I recently had with your boss….about you. After I am pleased with the foot massage, I decide to treat you to a glimpse of My silky nylon panties. I chastise you for touching your cock while watching Me, as you will ONLY be allowed to touch it if I say. It’s clear that this is only the beginning of the things I have planned for you…..

Blackmailed by My Legs

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108-Blackmailed-by-My-LegsI do enjoy exploiting weak men and their fetishes and one of My co-workers has a thing for My legs. Once I discovered this, it was fun to tease him, while pretending not to notice his attention. But I soon realized how I could set him up and use his little leg fetish to My advantage. Now I’ve got him wrapped around My little finger…….. IN THIS CLIP: Full Fashioned stockings–LEGS–Tight pencil skirt–crossed legs–shoe dangle-blackmail-satin blouse.