Fancy Vintage Stockings

Just another pair of Fancy Vintage Stockings from My vintage stockings collection.

67-Fancy-Vintage-StockingsDamn this is a sexy clip! Well only if you think things like THIS are sexy: ass-hugging tight pencil skirt, satin blouse, metal tipped stiletto heels, Fully Fashioned (seamed) stockings, long satin gloves, the sound of high heels on hardwood floors, garter bumps seen through a tight skirt, hands in stocking tops, nylon feet, crossed legs, lace bra peeking out of a open blouse and stockings being stripped off. And if you don’t find such things alluring, well then you are obviously lacking in good taste! 1280×720

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Compulsive Masturbation Therapy

Tomorrow morning in MY Clips store….Compulsive Masturbation Therapy
112-Compulsive-Masturbation-TherapyIt has been two months since you first came to see Me and you have made NO progress. You are still masturbating 8, 9, 10 times a day and you are obsessed with touching yourself! I don’t think you are taking these therapy sessions seriously. When you first came to Me, you had just been fired from your job because you were caught masturbating, in the LADIES bathroom. You couldn’t find another job, lost your apartment and now you are living in your parents basement and jerking off to p0rn all day long. As your therapist, I see no other choice then to have you committed to a masturbation rehabilitation facility. It’s the only way to ensure that you get better. Listen as I tell you the details of what to expect during your treatment….. ALSO IN THIS CLIP: Fully Fashioned Stockings–Leg crossing–high heels–pencil skirt–sheer blouse
This clip made it to #1 in the Masturbation category:

Blackmailed by My Legs

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108-Blackmailed-by-My-LegsI do enjoy exploiting weak men and their fetishes and one of My co-workers has a thing for My legs. Once I discovered this, it was fun to tease him, while pretending not to notice his attention. But I soon realized how I could set him up and use his little leg fetish to My advantage. Now I’ve got him wrapped around My little finger…….. IN THIS CLIP: Full Fashioned stockings–LEGS–Tight pencil skirt–crossed legs–shoe dangle-blackmail-satin blouse.