Servitude #103

New:   Servitude #103

BDSM…….Orgasm Denial Training……in bondage to Me……relinquishing control to your own cock………teasing….erotic stimulus…….kept on the edge….sacrificing your pleasure….discipline….tease and DENIAL……set up to fail…..deepening your submission to Me……pushed further and further……our little secret……

October 2016 Masturbation Schedule

It’s hereeeeeee:  October 2016 Masturbation Schedule

494-October-2016-Masturbation-ScheduleHello, I’m Nurse Jessica and I’m going to be helping you with your….problem. I had a look over your chart and the masturbation questionnaire you filled out and I think I have the perfect treatment plan for you. What it is, is a monthly masturbation schedule where I’ll be, essentially, in control of your masturbation and orgasms. Listen as I explain all of the details….

(The white Full Fashioned stockings were from the professor.)

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July 2016 Masturbation Schedule

New month, new schedule:  July 2016 Masturbation Schedule

454-July-2016-Masturbation-ScheduleBuy, watch, listen….to what I have to tell you about orgasm control/denial, this months schedule and a few other things related to cock control.

This clip made it to #1 in the Orgasm Control category:

July2016-no1And I’ve already got some wicked ideas for August!! Something I mentioned in My June 2016 Masturbation Schedule clip gave Me the idea. If you rewatch that clip, listen to what I say around the 6:22 mark, and you’ll have a hint to as what I have in store for you in August!

10 Day Masturbation Control

Tomorrow morning…

10 Day Masturbation Control
It’s time for Me to take control of your cock again. First there was My 5 Day Masturbation Schedule and this time it’s 10 days of masturbation control. you need a strict stroking schedule to prevent you from jerking off whenever you feel like it. After all, control the cock, control the man. Listen as I tell you what you will be doing every day, how you’ll be stroking and when you’ll be cumming. Can you do it?


134-10-Day-Masturbation-ControlBuy it and DO it!

If you are new to masturbation control, you should start out with My “5 Day Masturbation Schedule” clip.

Shooting a couple more videos tomorrow. Finally going to wear that gorgeous Lavender Satin Robe!!

And if you didn’t buy the “Baby Blue Satin Robe” clip, you should go DO THAT NOW.

105-Baby-Blue-Satin-Robe*sigh*  SO glamourous.  Love, love, LOVE!

Compulsive Masturbation Therapy

Tomorrow morning in MY Clips store….
112-Compulsive-Masturbation-TherapyIt has been two months since you first came to see Me and you have made NO progress. You are still masturbating 8, 9, 10 times a day and you are obsessed with touching yourself! I don’t think you are taking these therapy sessions seriously. When you first came to Me, you had just been fired from your job because you were caught masturbating, in the LADIES bathroom. You couldn’t find another job, lost your apartment and now you are living in your parents basement and jerking off to p0rn all day long. As your therapist, I see no other choice then to have you committed to a masturbation rehabilitation facility. It’s the only way to ensure that you get better. Listen as I tell you the details of what to expect during your treatment….. ALSO IN THIS CLIP: Fully Fashioned Stockings–Leg crossing–high heels–pencil skirt–sheer blouse
This clip made it to #1 in the Masturbation category:

5 Day Masturbation Schedule

Tomorrow morning in My Clips store….

I’m already taking your ca$h, but I want MORE. I want control of your cock as well. If you read My blog (as you SHOULD), you know that one of My many fantasies is to lock your cock UP. Having total control over your masturbation, orgasms and pleasure. But, male chastity is a big commitment and I think it’s better to ease you into it. So I’ve decided to put you on a little masturbation schedule to test you and see how well you do. Can you do it?


Chastity and masturbation control

First things first, this clip is posting tomorrow morning:

Cuckold in Chastity

65-Cuckold-in-ChastityMale chastity and cock control. While I have played around with tease & denial and orgasm control, I can honestly say, I have never locked a slave in chastity before. (Or as I like to call it “penis prison”) It’s something I am interested in, but only as a part of a total slave training program. I am not interested in chastity or cock control as stand alone kinks.

Can you imagine, what it would be like to lose control of your own cock? To know you can no longer jerk off whenever it suits you? To know that WHEN you cum, HOW you cum and IF you cum, will all be decisions you will no longer make? To be teased to the verge of cumming, only to be told to stop and lock your cock back up again. To go days without an orgasm, even weeks or MONTHS? How long could you go before you are begging for release? Begging to do ANYTHING to cum? Anything.

Who can possibly explore this with Me? Good boys who know that it’s all about pleasing Me and not about their pathetic little pee-pees. Those who have that deep desire to serve and they know their purpose in life.