Servitude #212

New:   Servitude #212

What fun is denial without tease? So you’ll stroke to Me in this clingy little lace dress, shiny pantyhose and sky-high Louboutin Fetish peep heels. I have a little challenge for you and detailed instructions for your release……tomorrow.

Servitude #178

New:   Servitude #178

you need to be fully clothed and sitting in a chair before you press PLAY. As usual, you’ll do as I say. I’ll lead you on. I’ll abuse My power. I’ll get you to do what I want. I’ll tease you and plant a seed in your mind that your imagination will finish……

January 2019 Masturbation Schedule

New:  January 2019 Masturbation Schedule

Remember boys, if you want to MAKE ME HAPPY, keep buying My clips with THIS code:

Until January 15th, 2019. (And yeah, I’m making My NAUGHTY and NICE list for 2019 and if you aren’t using the code, you know which one you’ll be on! 💩 -list!  lol)

A brand new year and a brand new schedule! This month I’ll be controlling your cock almost every single time you put your hand on it. Or NOT, as the case may sometimes be. Lots of instructions for almost every day this month. you are going to be busy!  😉

Mounting Frustration

New:   Mounting Frustration

After 8 days of denying you a release, it’s not enough. No matter how horny and frustrated you are, it’s NOT enough. I’m here to guide you, to tease you, to push your frustration to the next level. As My slave, you know the only option is to obey, no matter how full your balls are, no matter how much you ache for a release…..